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  • What are the best games for Nintendo Switch?

    The launch of Nintendo Switch on March 3 has already beat many records. But the most interesting part are of course the available games. Here we list the five best games for Nintendo Switch. Keep reading ...

    Nintendo Switch Image from nintendo.com

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  • Which is my iPad model?

    In many cases, it may be useful to know which iPad model you own. For example, when you have to choose the iPad case, or to check the compatibility of updates and Apps! In fact, not all models are equal and differences could be minimal. How do I know the model of my iPad? Keep reading to find it out ...

    iPad model Image from macworld.co.uk

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    There is only one Mother. This is something on which we all agree. There is nothing more special than a mother. We are who we are thanks to them. Personally, my mother is and will be the force that has driven me to all my goals since my childhood. Always with a deal full of tenderness and love. The unconditional love of a mother always accompanies you along the way. That's why Mother's Day is a very special day. And it's never enough to dedicate it to her. How? Keep reading...

    Mum's day Image from endthepink.com

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  • Mother's Day gift tips!

    It's almost time. The day we can and should spoil our mom just a little more than you would have always done. But what are the best gifts to give your sweet mom on Mother's Day? Looking for nice tips and ideas? Read on soon!

    Mother's Day gift

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  • Competition Gocustomized and WazaShirt

    We are pleased to announce a new cooperation between Waza shirt and GoCustomized, 2 start-ups who love to create custom clothing and accessories for all customers!

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  • Apple Watch: Top Apps!

    There are more than 3500 apps that work great on Apple Watch, but the ones we listed below are the most interesting and indispensable. Learn how to make the most of your Apple Watch with our ranking! Keep reading...

    Apple Watch Image from Fubiz.net

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  • Rumours about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    After the story of the explosive battery of Galaxy Note 7, the return of Notes 8 meets high expectations. The brand has not said any word and it wants to improve the image of the Note collection - great phones for better writing comfort. But what are the rumours about this new smartphone? Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 be able to overcome the battery scandal? Keep reading to find out!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Image from thaimobilecenter

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  • The New iPad 2017: What's New?

    The iPad Air era is over ... we leave room for the "New iPad." There are no major revolutionary innovations in the name, but what about the tablet? Apple has revolutionized the mobile and tablet market. You may notice a decrease in creativity in the last few years. Changes and improvements are limited, despite a gradual increase in prices. So what's new and different about the "New iPad?" Read on to find out ...

    The new iPad 2017 Image from SlashGear

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  • The future of Social Networks is virtual: Facebook introduces " Spaces " !

    You'll be able to hang out with friends in 3D with the social media giant's new VR platform: Facebook Spaces. Do you wanna know everything about what is going to be the future of the Social Networks? Keep reading!

    Facebook, Spaces Image from youtube.com

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  • New rumors: iPhone 8!

    We discovered some interesting rumors about the release of iPhone 8 and we want to keep you up to date! If you want to know more about what Apple is planning for iPhone 8, then read on ...

    iPhone 8 screen Image from macrumors.com

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