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    This is the season of the year where we are struggling the most thinking about what gift to make to those people we love. Seriously, it's so difficult sometimes to decide what to give to a friend, sister-in-law or a colleague when you're close to Christmas. If you are feeling lost and need some guidance, no worries! We are here to help with the best Christmas gift ideas! We are here to help you avoid being the one looking unprepared with no gifts.

    Best Christmas gift ideas

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    It’s a beautiful time while Christmas is approaching and this time of course reminds us of the precious gifts that are exchanged between families. The figure of the mother in each family is essential for the learning and growth of each one of us. Thanks to them, many of us are who we are, so why not show them our gratitude with some original gifts. We have compiled a list of Christmas gifts for mom, so you can decide on how to surprise them with the perfect gift.

    Find the best Christmas gifts for Mom

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  • Mother's Day Gifts - 5 DIY Gift Ideas to impress her.

    Mother's Day Gifts

    It's that time of the year again. Mother's Day is around the corner and some of us are struggling to come up with creative gift ideas for our moms. Moms value creativity and will surely love receiving presents that are made with some thought behind them. So here are 5 DIY Mother's Day gifts that will certainly impress your mother and leave a lasting memory in her mind:

    Mother's Day Gifts

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    It happens quicker than you think and more likely than not has happened already happened to you as well. You lost your phone. Be it from being distracted or even worse: it was stolen. Almost everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling in your tummy that arises once you have lost your phone. This article will present you measures you can take when this mishap occurs to you.

    lost phone

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  • iPhone vs Samsung: Who wins

    iPhone vs Samsung: Who will win?

    Soon Samsung's newest phone, the S10, will be released. To celebrate this release accordingly, we have prepared a small surprise for you. To find out about it, read on as we approach the infamous "iPhone vs Samsung" debate.

    Apple and Samsung are by far the biggest producers of smartphones. As direct competitors, both these companies are fighting for dominance of the smartphone market. For many years, Apple  has been leading in the creativity and quality categories, while Samsung has been selling more products. What’s your choice? This article tackles the “iPhone vs Samsung” debate and closely inspects their newest respective smartphones. Afterwards you will know with certainty which brand is better suited to you and for which model you should personalize your phone case.

    iPhone vs Samsung

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  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

    Valentine's Day is around the corner and you might be one of the many women thinking "I have no idea what to get him for Valentine's Day"! Finding the perfect gift for your man can almost seem like a personal challenge. It sometimes seems that for men the choice is limited, but it is not! The mistake that many of us women make is thinking that all men like the same generic things. Just like us women, men are distinguished between the adventurous, the stylish, the sporty, and the sleepy. If you think about your boyfriend's personality, there are a thousand Valentine's Day ideas for him that you can choose from and certain ones that best suit his character. So there's something for everyone! Keep calm, we are here to help you! We have made a list of 10 Valentine's Day gifts for him to help you find that perfect gift.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

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    Valentine's Day is around the corner and you have been probably been thinking about how to show your boo the love this year.  Unlike other holidays, Valentine's Day seems to be trademarked with certain gifts like a dozen roses, boxes full of chocolate, teddy bears, a candle lit dinner, and  a perfect card expressing your love.  Although these things are appreciated, we are here to help you think of some more meaningful, personable gifts.  Whether you have been dating your gal for a month or a long time, Valentine's Day is a day to spoil her with gifts.  It's a day to prove how well you know her by giving something you know she will love.  On a budget after the holiday season? No worries, these Valentine's Day gifts for her won't break your bank and are sure to be appreciated.  They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but nothing gets to a woman's heart like a thoughtful, personalized gift that shows you put effort into it.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for her

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    Valentine's Day is a full day dedicated to showing your love, affection, and appreciation for those around you.  Besides just your significant others, it is a day to recognize people at your work, your friends, your family, your community, and even the strangers we pass in our everyday lives.  It gives us a fun reason and excuse to do something special for these people.  It doesn't have to be something huge, even the smallest gestures can bring a smile to  another's face.  This Valentine's Day, we challenge you to do something extra for someone in your life to show them how much they are appreciated.  We have compiled a list of ideas to help you!

    Share the love on Valentine's Day

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    Are you looking for the next best Netflix series to binge watch? Having a hard time choosing because there are SO MANY out there to choose from? Our time is valuable and when it comes to Netflix series, we don't like to waste that valuable time watching something that isn't the best. Watching the best Netflix series also ensures that you're up to date on the latest trends and can jump into the office conversation or group chat when everyone is obsessing on the latest show. Continue reading and we will give you a list of Netflix's bests and must sees. Thank us now, because you might not be thanking us later when you have spent days trying to watch all of these series.
    Find out the Best Netflix series here

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    Now that the year of 2018 is over, it is time to reflect on the many new and innovative devices on the market the year has brought. As you have probably wondered, we also asked ourselves, which were the best smartphones of 2018 and why? Is there perhaps even the best smartphone 2018? These are the questions that we are here to answer for you. Want to know who our winner for the Smartphone of 2018 is?  Then read on so you can decide which you think is the best smartphone of the year!

    The Best smartphone of 2018


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