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Winners of the 2015-2016 Eisa awards

And the best 2015-2016 EISA prizes goes to…

In this article, we will detail innovative smartphones that will win a 2015-2016 EISA prize! We have split the article in two different sections.

2015-2016 EISA


Section 1

Many amazing devices were eligible for the “Mobile Speaker of the Year” award, but the honour went to the JBL Xtreme in 2015/2016.This waterproof speaker is very durable and can withstand many different unexpected weather conditions. It’s perfect for the beach and for all the times you need high quality audio! The JBL Xtreme has a 10,000mAh battery and can easily play up to 12 hours of songs at a time. The speaker has two USB ports and can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone. One very unique feature is the ability to connect this speaker to other speakers in order to enhance music sound and quality!

2015-2016 EISA JBL Extreme


Section 2

The wearable electronics market is growing quickly, so of course it’s logical to offer a reward for the best “Wearable Device of the Year”! This year, LG can take home the crown with the LG Watch Urban! Powered by Android Wear, this device has a metal exterior and a 1.3 inch round display with a 320x320 pixel resolution. In addition, it has a 245 ppi pixel density, which makes viewing the device easy on your eyes. This is not all! The LG Watch Urban is packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip that runs a 1.2 GHz clock. In addition, it’s has 1 GB of ram and 4 GB of internal storage. It’s a slick looking phone, so you can use it for many various occasions!

2015-2016 EISA LG Watch Urban
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