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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Hot to repair your scratched screen!

    Repair your damaged phone screen without replacing it.

    We’re all to familiar with those annoying scratches on your phone screen. It really is a shame to replace or repair your phone screen, because it’s quite pricey. So today, we’ll be looking at a cheaper solution to sending in your phone for repairs. One alternative that is easier would be to fix the phone screen yourself!

    repair screen

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  • The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival

    This year, the much anticipated Cannes Film Festival was held from May 11 to May 22. The event was created 69 years ago and is now one of the most publicized film festivals in the world, which includes a grand opening ceremony and a red carpet walk.

    cannes film festival

    In this article, we’ll be summarizing what happened during these 12 days!

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  • GoCustomized reached 100,000 customers!

    gocustomized header

    Ever since the company launched in May 2012, our goal at GoCustomized has been to offer customers the opportunity to create unique and personalised phone cases using their own images and ideas. Fast forward 4 years, and the company has online shops in many major European countries. In addition, in early May 2016, we crossed the 100,000 customer mark!

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  • Winners of the 2015-2016 Eisa awards

    And the best 2015-2016 EISA prizes goes to…

    In this article, we will detail innovative smartphones that will win a 2015-2016 EISA prize! We have split the article in two different sections.

    2015-2016 EISA

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  • Motorola Moto x 4th generation: rumors

    We have compiled a series of data on the fourth generation of Motorola Moto X 2016 by Digital Trends. Maybe it's a little early to call mobile in this way because, according to some rumors, Motorola could change the name of your primary phone Moto Z. This would not be such a radical change as other brands like HTC and Sony already have fact.

    moto x lineup

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  • 15 practical and hilarious phone cases

    At GoCustomized, we’ve seen plenty of creative and hilarious phone cases! There are definitely a fair amount of crazy cases all over the world and in this article, we’ll be listing them! Here, you’ll find the 15 coolest, ugliest and most practical phone cases in our opinion. You can be inspired by some of them, if you want to make your own phone case.


    5 Practical Phone Cases

    phone cases beer

    A phone case and a bottle opener in one – so your smartphone is protected, just in case the beer was shaken prior to being open…


    phone cases solar

    This is a perfect case for environmentally cautious users! Charge your smartphone using solar light! You’ll never have to use a cable again. Unless it’s night time. Or winter. Or you live in the North Pole.

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  • The cork case: a unique type of protection

    When your friends are lying on the ground because they drank one too many glasses of wine, you know it’s time to close the bottle. It’s normal to use cork to seal a bottle of wine in order to help preserve the flavour, so you can enjoy it another time. Something you probably didn’t know about cork is that it acts well as a phone case! So why not try and make your own personalised phone case out of cork at GoCustomized. A cork case acts as a great cushion against scratches and cracks due to its flexible yet absorbent material and if you add a custom design onto that, it turns into a beauty!

    cork case logo

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  • Huawei Honor V8 - an affordable powerhouse

    Over the years, Huawei has rebuilt their image from a cheap, low quality brand to a serious high-end smartphone competitor. The Huawei brand is highly respected in China and is becoming very popular in Europe and in North America. Their built quality, software and cameras have been vital in improving this image and their devices. In May 2016, Huawei released their newest phablet, the Huawei Honor V8. Let’s take a look at what this device has to offer!


    honor v8 side by side

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  • What's the best way to take great photos?

    Nowadays, everyone loves taking photos, whether it’s with a smartphone or a professional digital camera. As a result, it’s important to know some ground rules about taking photographs.

    Using the techniques explained below, you will be able to take that perfect photo that you can use for your personalised phone case.

     photos phone case  

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  • Update on the latest iPhone 7 rumors

    More news and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7

    About a month ago, we wrote up an article about the latest iPhone 7 rumours and as the months pass, more information about the much anticipated device are beginning to leak to the public. As of now, we know about the iPhone 7’s design, camera, new headphone jack and potential waterproof qualities. In this article, we will reiterate what we mentioned before and add on more rumours about the device.

    iphone 7 concept

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