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  • The top 3 product designs out there

    On a day-to-day basis, we use objects such as chairs, lamps and cups, without having to think about it. By doing so, we often forget that each object is carefully designed by companies to ensure that they are creative, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly practical! In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best designs on day-to-day objects!


    What are the best designs out there?


    1. Surface Tension Lamp
    designs lamp


    This one of a kind lamp has, without a double, one of the most creative designs. The lightbulb not only looks like a bubble, but acts like one too. It grows over time and can create other bubbles. What’s the best part? That the light from inside these bubbles are reflected to create a large variety of different colours. During its 50,000-hour lifetime, the lamp can go through more than 3 million different phases.

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  • Ozed x GoCustomized collaboration

    After our last collaboration with Le Closet, we are continuing our trend of designing new products by working together with Ozed Eyewear, a company that is well known for designing high quality wooden glasses! In this competition, you will have the chance to win a pair of wooden sunglasses and a cork iPhone 6 case!

    Ozed GoCustomized Collab

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  • The OnePlus 3: Design, specs and more

    When OnePlus announced their smartphone back in 2014, they immediately gained public attention. This was mainly due to the quality of their smartphones, which where right up there with other flagships, but were priced significantly lower. How was this possible? Well, the Chinese company only allowed certain people with an “invite” to purchase the phone, which kept it exclusive. The company had previous released two phones – the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, and now it’s time for the OnePlus 3! Would you like to know what its design and specs are, and when it’ll be released? Then keep reading!


    OnePlus 3 1

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  • iOS 10: what do we know about it?

    Each year, Apple releases a new smartphone. To go along with that new smartphone, Apple also updates iOS with new features. We at GoCustomized are always interested in finding out more about Apple’s next release, so that we can prepare a personalised phone case just for you ahead of its release!


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  • Most innovative smartphone ideas of 2016

    As of late, smartphones have begun looking alike, with smooth metal exteriors and essentially the same internal specifications. To get ahead of and to differentiate themselves from the competition, some smartphone manufacturers have begun to adapt. Making innovative products is an important part of every market, especially the mobile phone market, and these companies have recently created phones that have brand new features:

    Innovative smartphone ideas



    Motorola Innovative Cases


    The Moto Z is made entirely of aluminum and has a modular design, meaning that different accessories can be attached to the device to add functionality!

    For example, if you’re running out of battery, you can easily attach a module to the phone to extend your phone’s life.

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  • Tips to improve your Wi-Fi connection

    Have you ever come home, expecting to be able to sit back, relax and watch your favourite YouTube videos, only to see them buffering the whole time? There’s hardly anything more frustrating than slow internet and sometimes that is due to your Wi-Fi. Thankfully, there are many ways to improve your wireless connection, so you can enjoy your downtime online!

    Wi-Fi Router

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  • Tips and myths for extending battery life

    All week long, you look forward to Friday evening. It’s the best day of the week to meet up with friends, socialize and go out. You’re in town at around 10 PM and check your phone to find a message from your friends saying, “Hey, we were a little early so we’ve already headed to the pub! See you later!”. After about 20 minutes of cycling around the city, you finally find the pub and are about you message your friends, only to find that your battery is dead. Now that’s a bummer. How are you going to find your friends? Or take great pictures of your evening?


    Everyone has experienced this at least once and often at the worst possible moment. So what can you do to prolong your battery life?

     battery life 1

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  • Why you should get a phone case

    Should I purchase a phone case? Everyone asks this questions when they first get a new smartphone, but understandably so, because smartphones are very expensive. You’ll find out the benefits of personalised phone cases and why you save yourself money by buying one!

    Handyhülle kaufen bei GoCustomized

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  • UEFA EURO 2016 x GoCustomized competition

    After four years of waiting, the UEFA Euro 2016 is finally here. The event began on June 10 and will end on July 10. This year, a total of 24 European countries are participating and are divided into 6 different groups, with 4 teams in each group. We at GoCustomized understand how exciting this competition is and support our different countries throughout the competition!


    If you want to know how we support the UEFA Euro 2016 and how you can win one of our personalised phone cases for free, keep reading!


    UEFA Euro 2016 and GoCustomized

    We like to involve our community and there’s no better time than now, with this huge and popular tournament going on. Therefore, we’d like to start up our own competition based on this large tournament.

    uefa euro 2016 2

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  • How to fix a wet mobile phone

    If you’ve ever knocked a drink over on your smartphone, your first reaction was undoubtedly panic with a side of internal screaming. You invest a lot of money into your mobile phone and the last thing that you want to see is it being damaged. Wet mobile phones are definitely repairable, unless it ends up at the bottom of a lake. These types of accidents are inevitable, but there are some tips that can help you bring your smartphone back to life. Keep reading and learn more!

    wet mobile phone screen

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