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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • Back to School phone case

    It's that time to go back again... This is the time to buy new books, new pens, a new wardrobe, meet new teachers, take new classes, make new friends and get a new phone case for school. Choose a school phone case that you can show-off on the your first day back.

    Useful cases

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  • Wileyfox Spark: photos and info

    When I first saw the name of this phone I was not sure what to think. Actually, I had never heard of this brand before. This rather intrigued me as it was nice to see something different from the normal behemoths like Apple and Samsung. I wanted to know what the specs were inside, so today we are going to look at the brand new WileyFox Spark!

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  • Nintendo classic mini: The new NES

    Today we bring you news that will make everyone happy... Fans of classic games, geeks, hipsters, and ultimately, anyone who likes video games. Just over a month ago, on July 14, Nintendo announced its new product, the relaunch of the legendary NES game console, repackaged as a miniature version, now equipped with 30 games: Nintendo Classic Mini.

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  • Looking for a new friend to talk to?

    Day-by-day it looks like we are slowly edging towards the inevitable moment when robots finally take over... Don't worry though, we can enjoy the journey until then! Facebook messenger has recently added a nifty new feature that now lets you interact with programmer designed Facebook Bots (small computer programs) that are more than willing to talk to you whenever you want.

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  • The best quotes for your custom case

    Hello again everyone! Today we are going to look at some of the best quotes that look absolutely fantastic on different mobile phone covers. Thanks to GoCustomized, you can now create your own unique case just the way you like. Let your imagination run wild and design your something based on your favourite movie or band. If, however, you’re having trouble thinking of anything, why not look below for some inspiration for personalised cases:


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  • The best bloggers from different countries

    At GoCustomized we often get the chance to work with some of the best bloggers around. Besides cooperating with us, these bloggers share their experiences, write about various topics, and often take beautiful pictures. We have put together a list of great bloggers for you to check out. Don’t worry if you don’t speak the language, the pictures are also delightful to look at!



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  • The new Huawei Honor Note 8

    Huawei continues its success with the new Honor Note 8 and is trying to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The new device was released on August 1 at a conference in China. Read on to discover all the functions of this new phone, which is available from August 9 in China! For the UK the phone is available around the middle of August!

    Huawei Honor Note 8

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  • The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, the large South Korean company, was officially launched on August 2nd in New York. Enthusiasts have been waiting for the launch of this brand new and powerful smartphone, and it appears to have met everyone's expectations!

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  • Comic-con 2016 in San Diego

    Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Once a year, it’s possible! At Comic-Con 2016, people from around the world can step in the shoes of a superhero and meet others with the same passion. The event will be going on for three days, from July 21 until July 24. Approximately 130,000 fans attend the event every year and everyone wears a costume, whether it’s simple or detailed to the bone.

    Comic-Con 2011

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  • Rio Olympics 2016

    The much anticipated Rio Olympics 2016 are finally getting started. For sports fans all around the world, the Olympics are the perfect time to support your country and show just how dominant you are in your favourite sports! Keep reading and find out more info about it.

    Rio Olympics 2016

    Find out more about the Rio Olympics 2016

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