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  • Life without smartphones

    When I went to school I got my first mobile phone, aged 12. I remember it like it was yesterday, texting nonstop with my girlfriends and quickly using up all my SMS bundles within half a month. Mobiles back then didn't have WhatsApp or much opportunity to go on the Internet. For some of you, a life without smartphones may be hard to imagine. Today we take a look into the lives of smartphones and how they've made our lives today easier (for better or worse!).


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  • Alternative phone protection

    If you're lucky enough never to have dropped your phone, then be thankful. Unfortunately, I have managed to drop my phone quite a few times and thankfully I have always had a case (except the one time I didn't and my screen smashed :(). Today we are going to look at various drop tests from YouTuber, GizmoSlip. We will see what happens to your phone when it's dropped  in different materials and what you can do about it! Enjoy...


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  • The new Amazon Kindle

    A few months ago, Amazon released the latest version of its infamous eReader, the Kindle. Since 2007, the year the first Kindle was released, eReaders have become indispensable for numerous people. Having an eReader is highly convenient and removes the need to carry around numerous books with you whilst travelling. Not that there is anything wrong with taking some old fashioned books with you on the go, it's just not always desirable. With that said, Amazon has released its 2016 version and we're going to take a look at what's on offer.

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  • Halloween is here!

    "This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Pumpkins scream in the dead of night..." I can't stop thinking about this song from the Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween. Is it the same for you? Well, get ready because Halloween is almost here! It's that time of the year when it is socially acceptable to dress up as a zombie or a werewolf. If you don't have a good outfit yet don't despair, you still have time left to put something together. As a perfect complement to your disguise, we have put together a list of some personalised phone cases to match your outfit.

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  • GoCustomized core values

    We don't usually talk too much about ourselves as we prefer our customers to do the talking. But today I want to show you the core values that have made GoCustomized a leader in the personalised phone cases sector. Are you ready?

    GoCustomized Core Values

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  • Gifts for music lovers

    Are you looking to get a gift for your friend but you're not sure what to get? Do they happen to love music? If so, then you've come to the right place! Giving tickets or musical instruments can be very expensive and the person you give them to could even possibly sell them on. Today we will look at alternative gifts for the music lovers out there.

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  • Revealed: The Nintendo Switch

    After all the years of supposed leaks, design ideas, and general fanboy fights, the Nintendo Switch (previously thought to be called the NX) has finally been revealed. The trailer was released yesterday and it’s fair to say it has caused a lot of excitement. Today we will take a look at exactly what we can expect from the Japanese game company.

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  • The best Apple gadgets

    Apple, the multinational company, has been the source of some of the most revolutionary products since its creation by Steve Jobs in 1976. If you feel that your iPhone 7 is not quite as exceptional as that, we have prepared some of the best gadgets from Apple over the last 30 years.

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  • Autumn case ideas

    Here it is, one of the best times of the year has arrived. The time of walking around half dressed in the summer holidays are officially over. Now it's time to dress a little warmer to protect you from that cold breeze creeping in each day. Besides changing your wardrobe, maybe it's time to change your phone case to make it more suited for the new season. Today we will offer some recommendations for a personalised phone case.

    Autumns case examples Photo

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  • Snapchat spectacles revealed

    Attention worldwide Snapchat fans! A new product is on the horizon. If you like the app and spend the day posting photos and videos to your story, you'll love the novelty of Snapchat's latest idea... Snapchat Spectacles. Do you want to know exactly what they are? Read on...

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