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  • Amsterdam Nightlife Collaboration

    GoCustomized and Amsterdam NightLife collaborate to give away 40 party packs.

    Do you want to win one? Take part in this competition from Amsterdam Night Life!

    Read more to find out how to participate...


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  • Gift ideas for mum

    I think we've all experienced it at least once. You panic, you feel sad, and there is nothing you want to do but call your mum. She always has good advice and makes you feel better instantly. I often think after "What would I do without my mother"? Christmas is an opportunity to prove how much you care for her. The relationship with your mum will be further enhanced with these gifts!

    Gift Ideas For Mum Image from Pinterest.com

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  • The best music streaming sites

    Long gone are the days where you need to download tracks one by one to put them on your MP3 player. There is no need to buy each album or song you want to listen to  either (or download them illegally ...). Streaming sites have revolutionised the way we listen to music, so today we will look at what the best 3 music streaming sites are!

    best music streaming sites Image from Stuff.tv

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  • Winter phone cases

    Winter is coming. The days are getting colder and everyone is dressing warmer. Layers and more layers. And of course, you must not forget to also protect your phone from the cold! Imagine if it falls to the ground, or even on a patch of ice! Today we'll show you some ideas for creating winter phone cases to protect your phone whilst remaining stylish.


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  • Gifts for geeks

    Today we are going for a fun Christmas post. We all have that geeky friend who we're not sure 100% what is actually going through his mind... That immense world of superheroes, comics and fantasy for you is too large. But yes, I admit it, you're also a little geek inside and you'll love our ideas!

    Geek Gifts

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  • Christmas gift ideas

    Fortunately, this time of the year, or unfortunately for some, always comes, and the classic question, "what can I give for Christmas?" becomes almost an obsession. Today we show you a list of the best gadgets or gifts to buy as Christmas gift ideas. I have tried to divide the list by price, but I warn you some gifts are very expensive.

    CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Image from Unadonna.it

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  • Get ready for Black Friday

    It’s that time of the year again where retail stores drop their prices, offer some great money saving deals, and some people decide to go a bit overboard (see video below). I’m always on the lookout for good deals and this year is no different. Today I will look at what we can expect this year and will give you some great links to check out on Friday 25th November, aka Black Friday.

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  • New designs in the customizer

    Our designers have been hard at work to bring you twenty new designs for you to choose from for your personalised phone case! If you do not have a great holiday photo, or you're not too inspired to create your own designs, then you can opt for one of the new designs created by our designers.


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  • Photography gift ideas

    Often, we are sitting happily on the sofa, smiling and remembering a pleasant time or looking at a picture that made a special day. Every picture tells a story and always brings back emotions and feelings. Because GoCustomized are lovers of photography, today we will show you some gifts to buy for people who also love photography. Get inspired!

    PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT IDEAS Image from Photographie-fr.com

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  • Gift ideas for Christmas

    Yeeees!!! The time of year that fills us with happiness and satisfaction! This is the ideal time to get the family together and to eat chocolate and participate in other Christmas and holiday specialties. December 25th is one of the most memorable days of the year, but there is also a hard part: having to think of gift ideas for everyone. We thought that today was the perfect day to give you some gift ideas for Christmas (well in advance to not leave you broke and having to make last-minute gifts), and please your family, just like this little girl:

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