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  • Cases for New Year's

    We bid farewell to 2016 to make way for 2017, a year that is full of new purposes and illusions! During this time of year, many of us make a small evaluation of ourselves to see how we can improve ourselves. The combination of well-deserved vacations, the quality of family time and the change from '16 to '17, create the ideal situation for a more positive attitude. Today, we present some of the best ideas for new year cases.

    New Year's

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    Last week we told you here what we thought of the iPhone 7, months after its release. Hardly any time has passed since the iPhone 7 was release and we are already seeing some rumors appearing about the next smartphone from Apple. Keep reading to find out more about the possible release date of the new iPhone and the rumors about its features!

    iPhone 7S Rumours Image from

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  • B2B: Gift ideas

    If you’re running a business, then you know employee and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re looking for something special to give to your clients or employees, GoCustomized offers a range of products that can keep them satisfied. There is nothing better than receiving something that not only promotes your brand but provides your employees or clients with something great as well. Today we look at some B2B gift ideas...

    B2B gift ideas

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  • Review - Apple iPhone 7

    There was huge hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 7; there were a lot of haters, but also many people who could not wait to buy this phone. In September we wrote a blog review about this new phone, which you can read here. But how do you like the phone now? Three months after the new phone was released, we take a look at whether expectations have come true. Today we have an updated Apple iPhone 7 review.

    iPhone 7 review

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  • How to become a good blogger

    With the explosion of the Internet, and especially with smartphones and notebooks, paper and pencils have been set aside to make way for online blogs. Blogs have become the ideal way to communicate, with people able to express themselves and spread ideas by sending them to a large number of people. In blogs, we can talk about everything we want, even though most blogs deal with fashion and cooking. But how do you become a good blogger? Read on to discover some of the secrets, and maybe start your own blog after this article ...


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  • Review - Samsung Galaxy S7

    A little while ago (February 2016) the Samsung Galaxy S7 went on sale, but that does not mean it is no longer interesting! Samsung was able to succeed thanks to the success of the Samsung Galaxy S7, in a year that saw various explosions of the Galaxy Note 7. In the United States, about 16% of all smartphones sold were the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Comparing that with the competition, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus accounted for 14% of smartphone sales.


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  • The Blacknotes Diary x GoCustomized Collaboration

    We always try to offer to our customers something new. Today we can proudly announce our new partnership with The Black Notes Diary. What does that mean? You can find super cool new designs from this brand in our customizer! We will tell you here everything about the latest designs of The Black Notes Diary!

    Samenwerking the Black notes diary

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  • Christmas Gift ideas - the list to help you make your choice

    Don't know what to offer for Christmas yet? Always the same problem when you approach the fateful date. You want to give something different than last year and very personal but as you get older you realise that it costs more to find the right gift because you have less and less ideas every year. Don't worry, today we will present a small list of the best Christmas gift ideas to help you make your choice.


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  • Gift ideas for travellers

    We all have in our friends or in our family, this person, who never stops travelling and who is always in a different country each time you talk to him/her. If you are lucky this person will be at home for Christmas or if you want to send it a gift where he/she is in the world, keep reading to see all of our gift ideas for travellers!

    idees cadeaux pour voyageurs

    Pic from

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  • Gift ideas for her

    ♫ I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need! ♫ But then, what does she want? It's often not easy to find something for a girlfriend, sister or mum. As they say, men come from Mars and women come from Venus. I admit that women can sometimes be complicated. You can ask them what they want and they'll tell you she does not want a gift... I would not take it too literally, as women always want a gift, even when they say they don't! So today I will help you, men, find the perfect gift to please them!

    Cheezburger eating ryan gosling the notebook questions

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