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  • What YOUR iPhone case says about YOU?

    Raise your hands if you obsessively take Buzzfeed quizzes? ? ?  We definitely are and there is no shame about it. We all love our phones dearly and picking out a case for it is no easy task. But did you know that the case that you ultimate decide on can say a lot about your personality? Intrigued? Read on to find out what your iPhone case design says about you.

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  • Google Pixel 2 XL vs Apple iPhone X

    A few days after their releases, we present two of the best 2017 smartphones: Google Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X. After launching the new iPhone X, Google launched its new top of the line product. At this point, it is good to make a comparison between the two smartphones to understand their potential and their differences. Continue reading to know more.


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  • The GoCustomized Sweepstakes in October: A Halloween Story

    Soon it will be Halloween again! Outrageous costumes will go through the streets and say "Trick or Treat?" at the front door. While the pumpkin soup is steaming on the stove and you warm up in the house, you will hear one or another Halloween story. Read our Halloween story, what terrifying things have happened in the GoCustomized office, and participate in our Halloween contest. Experience at the end of the Halloween story how you can get, with a little luck, a scary-nice surprise!

    Do you want to know what will happen in the Halloween story and what you can win? Then stay tuned!

    sweepstakes halloween discount

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  • Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

    Always there for you, never asks for anything, the perfect boyfriend. He cooks you dinner, tucks you in at night, reads you bedtime stories, always respects you, and pretends to love your mother, if this describes your boyfriend then you need to get him the perfect gift! But how you may ask!?! Well, read on and you will find out how!

    custom phone case gift

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  • Costume Ideas for Halloween

    Halloween is approaching! This festival is an old tradition that allows children and adults to disguise themselves and go in search of sweets by terrorizing their neighborhood. Trick or treat, does that tell you something? To celebrate Halloween in the best way you need costumes. Read on to get costume ideas to scare your neighbors!

    Source: Paraloscuriosos

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  • Google Pixel Buds: Bluetooth headset that translates for you!

    Even though Google is not the first company that has made a headset that can translate, they certainly come to the table with a new innovative product!

    Google Pixel Buds

    During the presentation of Google's new products, they came with a small surprise. Google presented the Bluetooth headphones called Google Pixel Buds. The ear plugs are joined together with a thread behind the neck. By pressing the earplug, you can stop or start a song. With a swipe forward or backward, the volume of Google Pixel Buds can be controlled. Read on to find out more about Googles innovative product!

    Source: TheGuardian

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  • Google, Beyond the Search Engine

    We all know Google. We all use Google. We probably don't know how people existed BGE (Before Google Era). Google has been making major moves outside of the search engine spectrum and today we will be asking "more of our phone." Read on to see what we mean

    Source: Android Authority

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  • How to change your background for Samsung and iPhone

    Autumn brings cold winds and rainy days. The thoughts wander off into the holidays, to sunny temperatures, palm trees and sand between your toes. Just leave the office, pack the suitcase and head off to the airport .... The shrill ringing of the phone in the office makes us return to reality. Being on vacation now would be just too good to be true! But a small consolation remains: Beautiful background images for the smartphone can help us dream, motivate with motifs, revive memories - or simply bring variety into everyday life! Find out in our article today how you can easily set background images on Android phones and iPhones.

    Source: Unsplash

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  • How to Replace your Smartphone Screen

    Nowadays, smartphones are increasingly evolving: they have better systems, better applications, better materials are used, and the design is also more appealing. Yet there is a feature that even the biggest companies fail to improve. We are going to talk about screen strength. Most people have already found themselves in such a situation where the phone falls or hits an object, and the screen inevitably breaks down. So how can you solve this problem? Continue reading to know more.

    Source: Shutterstock

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  • Collaboration with Glamour Magazine

    The month of September has been loaded with surprises for GoCustomized, and one of them has come from the hand of Glamour UK, a magazine with which we have had the opportunity to collaborate. As we have told you,  we usually do regular collaborations with blogs, influencers, brands and sponsorship . But this time we were able to launch a series of promotions thanks to the joint work between GoCustomized and Glamour and today we are going to tell ... and teach.

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