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  • New Website, New Customizer

    We are very happy and very proud to announce a great news:
    GoCustomized is getting a new look! New logo, new design, new features and as always the excellent quality you know. Read on to learn more!

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  • Samsung vs. Apple: The battle continues

    For years now, Apple and Samsung contend for the best smartphone of the year. Certainly it is true that every year the iPhone and Samsung smartphones are always the devices of the moment. So every time a new model is released we ask: "And now who is the best?" In this article we will analyse the two giants of the telephone industry to see if there is a winner or whether this fight is going to last longer. Read on to learn more!

    Related imageSource: macworld

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  • Gift ideas for teens

    Have a teen in your life and no matter how close you guys are you have no idea what to get them? Us too. That's why we went on a wild hunt in the deep dark web of Google to create the ultimate gift guide for your seemingly disconnected from reality teen.  Continue on to find out more

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  • Black Friday meets Cyber Monday

    On November 24, Black Friday returns to the UK. Do you remember what it is about? Exactly! That day when stores lower their prices and offer exclusive discounts. Only this time, it's here to stay. Till when? Well specifically until next Monday, November 27, date that will host the Cyber Monday. Without a doubt, it is the perfect time to anticipate Christmas shopping and not leave them for the last minute (as always). This time, yes, with a little more time to choose the ideal gift.

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  • New Sony Playstation VR Headset

    The world of technology is always changing, sometimes we become intoxicated with its possibilities, but most of the time we are so inundated with new technology and revelations we become complacent with impressions. We are too used to real technological progress. For a moment, take a step back and realize what this blog article is about, a VR headset that you can buy for just a few hundred dollars and play video games on. Something as a little kid would have been amazing, now we have much less time for these things. But maybe it is still worth it because of how cool VR can be, keep reading to find out!

    source: TechRadar

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  • What you need to know about the new HTC U11

    Striking, powerful and equipped with one of the best cameras at the moment. This is the new HTC U11 Plus. Probably the best product for the Taiwanese manufacturer to complete successfully by 2017. The new smartphone attracts everyone's attention with its design. And that, although HTC was previously associated with its more conservative designs. The new HTC U11 Plus - without doubt one of the best alternatives to the classic high-end smartphones.


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  • The best gadgets to offer as a gift

    The holidays are approaching and we all know that choosing a present for someone can be a difficult task, indeed we are never sure if the gift will please every time. To avoid this kind of problem we decided to make a list of the technological gifts to offer as a gift. Keep reading for more gift inspirations!


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  • Benefits of a tough case for your phone if you love sports

    There are more than 7000 languages ​​worldwide. But we all understand one another: sport. We're all excited about championships and Olympics, watching the results of our favorite teams and arguing about the best way to physical fitness. With mobile live ticker on the phone, workout apps and numerous pedometers, heart rate monitors and calorie trackers, the phone has become an indispensable companion in the sport. If the sport is so dangerous, the right protection for our mobile phones is just as indispensable. In fact, there are even clear advantages of a mobile phone protective case for sports! You want to know which ones? Then stay tuned!

    source: pexels

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  • Samsung announces Bixby 2.0, the new voice assistant

    A few weeks ago, Samsung announced it will introduce the second generation of its Bixby voice assistant during the Samsung Developer Conference 2017 held in San Francisco. Samsung is not going to stay behind its major rivals, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so it has brought some new features to the previous version of Bixby. Curious? Continue reading to know more.

    source: Ubergizmo

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  • Gift Ideas for Women

    We all have that one special women that we would do anything for, and showing how much we care for her can at times be extremely difficult. Okay lets be honest, its always difficult. Women say they don't want something when they want it, they say they don't want french fries but when you order them they eat all of yours. The logic will never make sense, but that is what we are dealing with today. What are the best gift ideas for women? Read on to find out!

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