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  • Fall Backgrounds Printed on your Accessories

    As the summer season slowly fades and the expectation for Christmas grows, we find ourselves in Fall.  It might not be appreciated by all, but for those that do appreciate the season, they really love it. From the leaves changing colors to the excitement of new flavored warm lates, it can be a cozy yet exciting season.  Autumn can be cold and the days become shorter and shorter. So why not give yourself something that will excite you, inspire you, or simply brighten your day? At GoCustomized, we can relate to this and we want to give you a roundup of ideas to make your Autumn accessories special with Fall  backgrounds and images of Autumn. Read on and discover some of our creative ideas using Fall backgrounds. 

    Use your favorite Fall backgrounds on your favorite accessories

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  • 8 DIY Halloween Costumes

    It’s that time of the year again and Halloween is just around the corner. The one day of the year where you can dress up as anyone or anything.  Year after year, you see the same costumes, and sometimes even worse you run into someone with the same costume that you both bought from your local costume store.  Not only are DIY Halloween costumes a fun way to get creative for Halloween, but this way you can guarantee you won’t be running into someone with the same costume.  To save you from being the person that chooses the typical costume, we have compiled a list of DIY Halloween costumes for you.

    DIY Halloween costumes with custom t-shirts and custom phone cases



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  • 8 Gifts for Coworkers - Fun, practical, and personal gifts

    Trying to think of suitable gifts for co-workers? Even though we sit next to these people all day every day, it still seems challenging to come up with the right gift. Whether you’re looking for something funny or something they will actually use, you want to make sure they like it considering you will continue to see them every day. To save you from being the person that shows up with a boring gift card, we have compiled a list of good ideas of gifts for co-workers.

    Ideas for gifts for co-workers

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