4 underrated and hilarious must-have apps

Comical Must-Have Apps!

On a daily basis, you’re using practical and social apps on your phone such as the weather app, an email app, Facebook or Instagram. However, there are so many other apps that you have no idea about that will most likely make your day!

That’s why today, we want to entertain you a little and introduce you to 4 strange but hilarious apps that you must have on your phone!


1. WakeVoice

WakeVoice takes a very basic and necessary part of our day and makes it unique, to say the least. Instead of just setting your clock, letting it ring and hitting the snooze button multiple times (we all do it, don’t deny it), WakeVoice forces you to interact with your alarm clock vocally. Once your alarm clock goes off, you can speak a certain command that you’ve pre-set in order to turn off the alarm or to activate the snooze function.

In addition, you can lie comfortably, or perhaps not so comfortably when you realize you have to wake up, in bed while the app tells you about the weather forecast, local or global news or even a personalised message! You can also choose between a male or female voice to wake you up! WakeVoice has plenty of customisation options to make sure that waking up is only half as bad as it is every morning!

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2. Fake Call

Everyone has had that moment where they’re trying to get out of an awkward situation, but simply can’t. Perhaps you didn’t tell your friend to call you to get out of that really bad date or you need a reason to stay home and not go to the club. Well using this Fake Call app, you can easily do so.

Simply create a fake call, customise it with a specific name and picture, set a time and sit back and relax. That’s all you have to do! No one can stop you from answer that call from your doctor, your mother or even Barack Obama himself. You can even show your friends the evidence in case they don’t believe you. So stop stressing over making excuses and grab this app now!

apps fake call



3. iNAP@Work

This small application is simple and practical for those times when you feel like taking an incredibly short 1 hour power nap at work. Of course it’s awkward if you’re napping and no sounds are ever coming from your desk and this is where this app comes into play!

Thanks to iNap@Work, you can make it so that your phone makes typical noises every once in a while, whether you’re clicking on our mouse, typing on your keyboard, scrunching and throwing away paper, stapling documents and so on! You can adjust its frequency so you can really trick your boss, who is absolutely convinced that you’re being productive during this time!

So place your phone on your desk and take that much deserved and needed power nap, each and every day!

apps inap@work



4. PhotoSuerte

If you love surprises and great pictures, you definitely have to check out the PhotoSuerte app. It’s surprisingly addictive, especially because you can chat with others only using photos! Take a picture of your world and surroundings or choose from your collection and send it to a random person around the world! He or she will then respond to you with a photo of their own.

You can share any photo you want, whether it is funny, beautiful or even questionable. You can think of it as Snapchat between strangers, except your photos won’t be deleted!

Photo apps like this is a great way to find ideas of what to put on your custom phone case, when you begin designing one!

apps photosuerte


Do you know of any more underrated yet comical apps that we have to take a look at? Give us some suggestions in the comment section below!


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