4th of July sales you can't afford miss this year

It’s almost the 4th of July! Almost time to celebrate a purely American holiday where we celebrate our independence to the sound of fireworks cracking and barbecues sizzling. Not only is it a time for celebration it's also time for some serious 4th of July sales. Keeping reading for amazing discounts. Enjoy and share!

Independence Day is all about freedom, like running along the beach

Many popular activities during this great day include, swimming, barbecuing, watching fireworks, and a whole host of other activities. Another great activity that is becoming popular during the 4th of July is shopping. Now that we have little pocket computers (read: cell phones) with us at all times we can catch the latest online deals and place an order before our burger is off the grill. In order to help you profit from those 4th of July sales without resorting to intensive deal hunting, we’ve put together a list of the top 4th of July sales so you can get the great deals without alienating yourself from your friends and family. 

To start off our list were are going to give an overview of the sales at some of the big boys, like Best Buy, Home Depot, Amazon, Sears, and yes, even Walmart. They’ve got the biggest selections, the ability offer higher discounts, and you are likely already familiar with what they offer.

The most popular 4th of July Sales

The 4th of July seems to the the prime appliance sale season. Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Sears are all offering up to 40% off. Notice: deals and screenshots are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.

Best Buy 4th of July Sale 

Screenshot from Best Buy 4th of July Sale banner

Best Buy seems to be offering its 40% discount on only appliances. When I say only,  it sounds like a little, but Best Buy obviously has a huge selection of appliances. They've also got a Price Match Guarantee which might help you score the cheapest deal anywhere.


Home Depot 4th of July Sale

Screenshot from Home Depot 4th of July Sale 2018

Home Depot seems to have the widest selection of sale items ranging from appliances to area rugs. If this 4th of July includes some home improvement for you, then Home Depot is the place to be. But you already knew that.


Lowes 4th of July Sale 

Screenshot from Lowes 4th of July Sale 2018 - Appliances for up 40% off

Appliances are the main event but items from bath, patios, tools, and even grill categories are on sale during this period. You can even buy an America Flag on sale, just in time for the 4th.


Sears 4th of July Sale 

Screenshot from Sear 4th of July Sale 2018 - Appliances on sale

This 4th of July, Sears is offering up to 40% off on appliances like refrigerators, cooking, dishwashers, and laundry. All things that you will need during and after a successful 4th of July celebration.


Walmart 4th of July Sale

Screenshot from Walmart 4th of July Sale 2018 - featuring a grill

Walmart is not particularly big on the appliance scene but they offer a lot of great summer products like quality inflatable swimming pools, air-conditioners and fans, patio furniture, and outdoor games. Perfect for the day itself.


GoCustomized 4th of July Sale

Great 4th of July sale for custom phone cases for all popular models.

You can’t expect that we would no mention our own sale. We don't offer appliances but we do offer smartphone and tablet cases that you can design yourself. Literally anything you wish to print on your case, we can print it for you. And even better, its 10% off. Use the code FIREWORKS at checkout. Below you can find some 4th of July inspiration and designs to print on your new phone cover. 

 A repeating design of popular American summer foods. A design featuring the Statue of Liberty in front of a background of fireworks.

An American shield that looks simple but still patriotic. An eagle above two American flags. Simple and beautiful.

Click the picture to head directly to the customizer to see what the design will look like on your phone. 


4th of July Sales per category

As if you haven’t already mentally spent your paycheck, let’s have a look at some deals curated by a few popular deal aggregator sites. Below you will find deals on appliances (of course), men's  and women's apparel, tech and electronics, patio gear, grills, and even travel. Not a lot of people consider traveling for Independence Day. Might be worth a look.


Groupon is full of special deals and discounts for 4th of July essentials. A lot of the deals are for items that should be used during Independence Day so make sure you have a look now. Don't miss their deals for BBQs.

A screenshot of 4th of July deals section. is a little different than Groupon because it takes to directly to the deals or discount on the site of the brand or store selling it. This was you don't have to waste any time going through a third-party like you would usually have to do with Groupon.


If you know of other great 4th of July sales that weren't included in this list, please comment below and let us know. Have a great Independence Day!


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