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8 DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year again and Halloween is just around the corner. The one day of the year where you can dress up as anyone or anything.  Year after year, you see the same costumes, and sometimes even worse you run into someone with the same costume that you both bought from your local costume store.  Not only are DIY Halloween costumes a fun way to get creative for Halloween, but this way you can guarantee you won’t be running into someone with the same costume.  To save you from being the person that chooses the typical costume, we have compiled a list of DIY Halloween costumes for you.

DIY Halloween costumes with custom t-shirts and custom phone cases



1. Superheros

These DIY Halloween costumes could be used for either gender, kids, or even groups.    On our online site, we make it easy for your kid to be the superhero they have always wanted to be with our customizer.  Just pick the color, upload the logo online, and you’ll have the staple for the costume. All you need is a cape and you’ll be ready to save the day!

Custom t-shirt with superheros logo for DIY Halloween costumes

2. Mario & Luigi

Whether you want to use this idea for you and your bestie or you and your significant other, these are great DIY Halloween costumes that you probably have most of the items for already.  All you need is a blue and green shirt and blue overalls. Take a look at some of the options Etsy offers for the blue and green hats. To add a fun and final touch, order a custom phone case with the mustache on it.  You know you will have your phone out taking pictures and using it, so why not make it the perfect prop to your costume!

Custom phone case with a mustache for DIY Halloween costumes



3. Tacky Tourist

The tacky tourist is one of the most funny and easiest DIY Halloween costumes.  Everyone knows what the typical tourists look like so this creative idea won’t go unnoticed.  An ‘I <3 NYC” custom t-shirt would be the only item you need to purchase. Then all you have to do is find a pair of khaki shorts, a visor or straw hat, some sunglasses, a fanny pack around your waist, and finish your DIY Halloween costume with a camera around your neck.

Custom t-shirt with "I <3 NYC" for DIY Halloween costumes

4.  Roman Warriors and Greek Gods

Want to go glam with your DIY Halloween costumes this year?  Dressing like the roman warriors and greek gods is a great idea for couples.  For women, you just need a white dress, and men could literally use a white sheet. Then all you need is gold accessories.  Gold jewelry, a gold crown, a gold belt, and gold sandals would all add the nice touches you need. Don’t forget the most important accessory and order your gold custom phone case to complete your look!  On our online site you can customize your own custom phone cases and custom t-shirts.  Not only does our customizer make it easy for you to match your case to your costume, but we are also offering you 25% off when you order your second case.  


Promo code for DIY Halloween costumes for custom phone cases

5. M&M's

Need DIY Halloween costumes for the whole family or a big group?  Everyone picks their own color and together you’ll make the real treat. You could even cut out a piece of cardboard and paint a large version of the M&M bag as a prop.  On our online website we have t-shirts for adults and kids, so you can buy them all at once!

Custom t-shirt with M&M logo for DIY Halloween costumes

6. Netflix and Chill

Maybe you’re still a little bitter you have to spend your night out, instead of lying on the couch watching your favorite show or movie.  These DIY Halloween costumes are perfect for couples.  Now you’re not ditching your favorite activity together but just celebrating it a little differently.  You could also have fun with these shirts on other days like Valentine’s day, work parties or other fun themed events.


Create your DIY Halloween costumes with custom t-shirts that say "Netflix" and "Chill"



7. Monkey Man

Looking for easy and cute DIY Halloween costumes for the little ones?  All you need is brown pants and a brown shirt and then order some ears online.  Add some face paint and you will have the cutest little monkey. Lastly, if you know you will be pushing this one around and they will be begging for your phone to play with, add the perfect touch with a banana phone case!  Check out this page for step-by-step directions on how to create this look.

Custom phone case with banana for DIY Halloween costumes, monkey accessory.

8. Best Halloween Party

Have a Halloween party you’re attending where there is a prize for the best Halloween costume and you already know you won’t be getting creative enough to win?  Designing a custom t-shirt that says “Best Halloween Costume” might not win you the prize either, but will definitely bring laughs to anyone that sees you. If you already know you’re going to be boring and not dress up, you might as well do so while being funny with your DIY Halloween costumes.

Custom t-shirt with "Best Halloween Costume" logo for DIY Halloween costumes

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