8 Gifts for Coworkers - Fun, practical, and personal gifts

Trying to think of suitable gifts for co-workers? Even though we sit next to these people all day every day, it still seems challenging to come up with the right gift. Whether you’re looking for something funny or something they will actually use, you want to make sure they like it considering you will continue to see them every day. To save you from being the person that shows up with a boring gift card, we have compiled a list of good ideas of gifts for co-workers.

Ideas for gifts for co-workers

Gag Gifts for Co-workers

Want to bring some laughs and smiles out of your co-workers? Gag gifts make great gifts for co-workers because everyone likes to be entertained. So be that person that everyone appreciates for bringing some life and excitement into the office. Funny office gifts leave a lasting impression on people. Don’t be surprised when you have co-workers bringing you donuts in the morning or filing your papers for you, all because you pulled off that funny office gift. For the more geeky co-workers in your office, we've got more gift ideas. 

”Employee of the Month” Custom T-Shirts

Have that one co-worker that stays an hour late every day? You have tried to convince them to get a drink after work but they insist they stay to finish their work. A custom shirt saying “Employee of the Month” is a fun way to give some recognition in a silly way. On our online website, you can customize your own shirt in any way you’d like! If you really want to have some fun, you could even add a picture of your coworker on the shirt to make it the perfect gag gift.

Create custom t-shirts like an Employee of the Month shirt for co-workers


Funny Coffee Mugs

This is one of the funny office gifts you can’t go wrong with. It’s simple but you can also go in different directions with it and get creative. You can find these all over the web, but this is one of our favorites that is too relatable, “I survived another meeting that could have been an email”. Every morning you’d have the entertainment of wondering who is going to use the mug that day.

Chill Pills Jar

Work can be stressful, we all know that. But for some people, work is really stressful. Why not lighten up your co-worker's workload with some chill pills; a jar filled with their favorite candy! Simply fill a jar with your coworker’s favorite candy, and write a label for example, “CHILL PILLS: Take one by mouth as needed to relieve stress, anxiety, or frustration”. This gag gift will guarantee a smile from your coworker when they see this jar sitting on their desk.  Don't feel like making it on your own? No worries, you can buy your chill pills jar online.

Practical Gifts for Co-workers

Getting the laugh out of your co-workers might not be enough for you, and you want to ensure these gifts for co-workers will actually be used. Ever notice the little things you hear your colleagues complain about in the office? Being too hot, being too cold, or their back is sore from sitting all day are just a few complaints we hear every day. Not only would you leave your coworker satisfied with their new present, but you don’t have to hear as much complaining!

Mini Fan/Mini Heater

If there is one thing we know about our offices, it is that no one can ever seem to agree on the temperature. It is almost impossible to find the perfect temperature to please everyone in such big open spaces. There are at least a few people in each office that are always too cold or too hot. Personal heaters or personal fans are the perfect solutions to this issue making great gifts for co-workers. There are already too many things we stress about every day at work, don’t let the temperature be one too!

Portable Massager

Have you ever noticed your co-workers complaining about back pain? Sitting in your desk chair 40+ hours a week can do some damage to your back. Even though hiring a full-time masseuse sounds amazing it’s most likely not within the company budget, but a portable chair massager is the next best substitute. Soothe their muscles, relax their mind, and improve their work with these gifts for co-workers. Before you know it, you’ll be getting emails from other co-workers wanting to know where you bought this massager from.

Customized Gifts for Co-workers

Want your coworker to know that you put time and effort into their gift? Gifts for co-workers can also be personal and meaningful. We spend so much time with them, why not show them how much you appreciate them through a unique customized gift.

Custom Notebook

These are the perfect unisex gifts for co-workers especially if you’re unsure what to get a certain person. A custom notebook shows you put thought into the gift and it’s something that will definitely be used. You can design your own custom notebook on our website now! Our notebooks are made with imitation leather so they have a professional appearance. Need a gift for your boss? How about printing the company's logo on the notebook with their name. On our online website, you can create a unique custom notebook with our customizer that is easy to use that any coworker will appreciate!

Create custom notebooks as gifts for coworkers.


Customized Desk Plaque

These gifts for co-workers can be meaningful or can bring humor into the hustling business with a customized work sign. It is almost guaranteed that you know a coworker with a strong personality that could be labeled with an impactful or silly sign. There are a lot of different things you can do, but here are some of our favorites: “Boss Lady” and “Mr. Always Right”. However you decide to get creative with the customization, your coworker will feel special knowing you put some extra thought into this. Have a look at a few options available on Etsy.

Custom Phone Case

Talk about gifts for co-workers that you know will actually be used, why not customize a phone case for your coworker. On our online website, you can customize your own phone case with all kinds of designs or images you have uploaded. Help your co-workers protect their phone in a stylish and unique way. Whether it’s a picture of your coworker’s favorite vacation destination or the company’s logo, adding that personalized touch adds much more meaning behind gifts for co-workers.

A custom phone case with your coworker's favorite vacation destination as gifts for coworkers.


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