• Best travel phone case for your destination

    Traveling is a great experience and creates some of the best memories. Today, we are lucky to have the opportunity to go to the other side of the world easily. For most, their smartphone is among the most important travel accessories they take with them. It replaces your camera, your GPS and allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones at home. Therefore, you need to make sure to keep it well protected without compromising on the look. In this article, we will tell you what the best travel phone case for your next destination is. Read on to find out more!

    best travel phone case









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  • How To Make Your Battery Last Longer

    Even with a normal use of your iPhone, the battery is quickly empty and for no obvious reason. Of course, it always happens at the worst time, when you really need your phone. For example, if you are in a new city and before you have had time to look where to go, no battery... Good luck to find your way without a phone! This problem is well known with iPhones and other smartphones. But why then? And how can it be solved?

    Image result for plus de batterie iphone Credit to PhonAndroid

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  • The best iPhone 7 accessories

    If you bought the new iPhone 7 and you're not sure how to get the most out of it, today you're in luck. We take a look at some great accessories for your new device.


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  • A phone case that does so much more

    After the article which explains why you should get a phone case, we know that you are completely convinced that it’s the best thing to do. But why limit your phone case to only being a phone case? Look at all the others things that your phone case can do for you.

    phone cases that make your like easier

    Of course the first purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone. And what else can it does anyway? Much more than you can imagine!


    Find your perfect phone case

    Let's see 10 examples of phone cases that do more than protect your phone:

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  • Best marble accessories for summer

    We can finally say that summer has begun! After a rainy start, the sun is finally shining and the temperature is running. You can begin wearing those clothes that have been hidden away in your closet for months! We recommend following the latest trends and at this moment, one of them is marble! Keep reading and find some of the best marble goods out there!

    The Finest Marble Items

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  • The best nerd accessories on the market

    Are you a proud nerd? Or perhaps you’re looking for a hilarious gift for one of your buddies? In this article, we’ll be writing about the best nerd accessories out there!


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  • The 10 best must-have Hipster accessories

    It's easy to make fun of them, but somewhere deep down, you love their style. Yes, we are talking about hipsters. This urban group is mainly defined by their rejection of mainstream trends and their love of discovering things before they become too famous. They pride themselves on their mustaches, beards, thick-rimmed glasses and flannel shirts. Perhaps we’re over exaggerating the idea of a hipster, but one thing is clear – their sense of style is great. Using some ideas from Isabella Marks along with some of our own, we want you to discover 10 hipster accessories that you absolutely need in your life.

    hipster accessories

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  • Accessory watch: must-have for iPhones

    What accessory do you need for your most important device?

    An accessory for an iPhone will make your life so much easier. Here are 5 accessories that can not miss for your iPhone that will definitely increase your phone’s utility!


    Phone cases

    Giving your phone the protection that it deserves is undoubtedly one of the most important things to do. So it’s obvious that the number one accessory on our list is undoubtedly a protective phone case. You can easily choose from many standard phone cases that simply offer the most basic form of protection, however there are many different types of cases that provide extra utility. Whether you’re looking for phone cases that protect your phone from water damage or that can act as a teddy bear, you can find them!

    At GoCustomized, you can find protective yet decorative personalised phone cases that will fulfill your everyday smartphone needs. If you want to ensure that your phone maintains its fresh-out-the-box quality, yet looks amazing, a custom phone case is the best accessory that you can purchase!

    Choose your very own photo from your PC, Facebook or Instagram and add any text you would like using our built in design module. Design your own phone case and unleash your imagination and creativity like you’ve never done before!

    accessory phone case

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