• Battery life of Android phones

    We all know it: you are on your way to an important meeting or a nice day and suddenly, you are stuck in traffic. All you want to do is send a quick message that you will be late but your phone dies on you. There you are now, not knowing how to contact the person. We simply depend on our smartphones in many situations nowadays. Therefore, a long battery life is extremely important. Read on if you want to find out more about the battery life of Android phones!

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  • Apple or Android?

    A year-long battle, where everyone has an opinion. What's better? Apple or Android? You want a new phone, but you are considering moving from Android to iOS, or vice versa. Is the grass really greener on the other side, or should you stick to what you know? Here we outline the pros and cons of Android phones and iPhones for you. It's Android vs iPhone: iOS vs Android. Want to know more about this and draw a final conclusion which of these two major powers will win? Read on!

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  • Android Tips That You Should Know

    Part of the allure of an Android device is the freedom and personalisation that the operating system grants you. As compared to the iPhone, it can be said that Android phones are somewhat less intuitive and simple to operate - the cost of this freedom. Depending on your level of tech-Savviness, this can be either a blessing or a curse. Today, we will share with you some useful Android tips and tricks for maximising your experience!


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  • Google Android Nougat

    If you have a Nexus brand phone or tablet, you're probably lucky enough to have tried out Google's latest mobile operating software, Android 7.0 Nougat. For the rest of us, however, we can expect to see it roll in the very near future. But is it worth the wait? Let's have a look and see if it's worth the hype.

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  • Huawei Honor V8 - an affordable powerhouse

    Over the years, Huawei has rebuilt their image from a cheap, low quality brand to a serious high-end smartphone competitor. The Huawei brand is highly respected in China and is becoming very popular in Europe and in North America. Their built quality, software and cameras have been vital in improving this image and their devices. In May 2016, Huawei released their newest phablet, the Huawei Honor V8. Let’s take a look at what this device has to offer!


    honor v8 side by side

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  • Top 5 messaging apps for smartphones

    Which messaging apps should you pick up?

    Just how important are messaging apps? We use them from the second we wake up to the moment we lay ourselves down to sleep. They are arguably the most important part of daily life to fulfill our needs to communicated with others. The problem is that the market is just so overfilled with these apps, many of which are just clones of each other. So which messaging apps are the best out there? Here’s a list of our favourite messaging apps!


    messaging apps whatsappWhatsApp

    At this point, almost everybody has heard of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app that is available on operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone and has been owned by Facebook as of February 2014. It is arguably the most popular messaging app on this list, with approximately 1 billion users as of February 2016. However, that’s no surprise because it is also one of the older apps on this list, having been released in January 2010. The app catapulted to success by constantly updating their app and adding new features that made messaging as convenient as possible, such as voice chat, video messaging, simply photo sharing and overall smooth software performance. Early last year, WhatsApp introduced an early variant of desktop messaging through the use of a Google Chrome extension.

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  • 4 underrated and hilarious must-have apps

    Comical Must-Have Apps!

    On a daily basis, you’re using practical and social apps on your phone such as the weather app, an email app, Facebook or Instagram. However, there are so many other apps that you have no idea about that will most likely make your day!

    That’s why today, we want to entertain you a little and introduce you to 4 strange but hilarious apps that you must have on your phone!


    1. WakeVoice

    WakeVoice takes a very basic and necessary part of our day and makes it unique, to say the least. Instead of just setting your clock, letting it ring and hitting the snooze button multiple times (we all do it, don’t deny it), WakeVoice forces you to interact with your alarm clock vocally. Once your alarm clock goes off, you can speak a certain command that you’ve pre-set in order to turn off the alarm or to activate the snooze function.

    In addition, you can lie comfortably, or perhaps not so comfortably when you realize you have to wake up, in bed while the app tells you about the weather forecast, local or global news or even a personalised message! You can also choose between a male or female voice to wake you up! WakeVoice has plenty of customisation options to make sure that waking up is only half as bad as it is every morning!

    apps wakevoice

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  • Top 6 unknown but useful Android apps

    We all use apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, but there is also an unlimited amount of unknown apps that would make your life much easier! So today, we’ll be telling you about the Top 6 Android Apps that you don’t know about yet!

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