Apple unveils new iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Apple has done it again. It has launched the new technology titan into the market. The unveiling of the new iPhone 8 followed by the iPhone X have not left anyone indifferent. Apple comes loaded with news and surprises. Everyone expected the continuation of the iPhone 7 with its successor twin, the iPhone 7s, but, again, Apple has done its own thing, revealing a newer model: the iPhone 8, coupled with the great surprise, the iPhone X. These new devices have speculated an infinite number rumors and leaks throughout these months and today, from GoCustomized we tell you the newest features of Apple's new products. Also, you can learn where to buy custom iPhone 8 cases and custom iPhone X cases!

The Star Product: iPhone X

Under these premises: "The iPhone of the next decade" CEO Tim Cook gave way to the new Apple product, the iPhone X, or as we would say, the iPhone 10. Its a great novelty: a glass screen with a resolution of 458 dots per inch that extends from side to side of the iPhone, without frames. It has not been the iPhone 8 that has taken this great incorporation OLED - a technology much more advanced to the liquid crystal - as we all believed. It was compensated by the iPhone X called Super Retina HD. This will provide more brightness and greater color accuracy, in addition to expanding the range of it.

Forget the fingerprint to unlock the phone, instead facial recognition is the new fashion. Each iPhone X has a built-in "Face ID", which will recognize your face even in the dark thanks to a small infrared sensor that filters the environment, distance and certain patterns based on neural networks. That's why the new iPhone X will feature two front-facing cameras.

And of course, the iconic iPhone start button disappears in this new product. A simple top-down vertical touch scroll will return to the center menu as many have desired. It will become the new remote control.

The communication with Siri will be made through voice control, by just pressing the right side button. And with respect to payments, Apple incorporates the Apple Pay application, which allows you to make payments by simply moving the mobile to the payment terminal of any store, app or website.

The aesthetics of the new iPhone X stands out for its crystal OLED surface, with a very elegant aluminum finish available in two colors: black and silver. We can not forget the new addition, for both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8: wireless charging. This is due to the launch of a platform that allows you to charge the phone just by leaning on it. And not only wireless, but also it will be faster.

The iPhone X is undoubtedly the newest version of the moment, thanks to the incorporation of two cameras, the facial identification and the power of its processor Apple A11 with 6 cores.

The successors: iPhone 8 and 8 plus

10 years have passed since Apple launched its first iPhone, at which time we have seen numerous changes and some optimisation in their products. A period that also takes a leap in the succession of iPhone models from the hand of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus stand out for the new addition of 6 processor cores thanks to the Aion Bionic 64-bit that comes from the hand of a motion co-processor, a feature that shares with the iPhone X.

The screen and the design of the new products do not present great novelties, but small details that make the difference. They are the first smartphones that include the "True Tone", a technology that allows obtaining a natural color on images and photographs. The same screen modifies the calibration of the color adjusting it automatically to the environment and also changing the temperature and intensity.

The size of the screens of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus of 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively have not been altered compared to previous models, in addition to maintaining its traditional Retina HD. The 12-pixel camera sensor has been renovated under the premise of increasing brightness. The iPhone 8 plus has a dual camera that includes optical stabilizer. But surely the video is experiencing a great improvement: its new integrated sensors will be able to record at 4K to 60 frames per second. Highlights also the slow motion, capable of recording 240 images per second.

The price? In the US you can buy the model iPhone 8 from $699 and the iPhone 8 plus from $949 pounds and they will reach the market on 22 September. The iPhone X will be available from October 27 and its price will change depending on its performance.

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What do you think of the new features of the iPhone 8 and X? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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