• The best lifestyle apps

    Most of us already use their cell phone for a lot of basic everyday activities such as reading our emails or navigating. However, there is so much more your smartphone could help you with. No matter if you are trying to increase your productivity, find a restaurant for dinner, live healthier, organize your online shopping, plan your next vacation, and keep track of your finances - we've found the best lifestyle apps for you. Read on if you want to reach your phone's and your own full potential!

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  • Best Apps for Students!

    College can be really stressful. There is nothing wrong with using all available tools to help you do the best you can during your time at university. We are going to talk about what apps you can download that will enhance your college experience to the max! So read on if you want to learn from the experts!

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  • The Best Old School Games for Smartphones

    We all remember times when we took our parent's mobile phone to play the snake game for hours. With the emergence of smartphones, that trusty old snake game has made way for more original games with modern, beautiful graphics ... But if you want to remember your childhood memories, continue reading to discover a selection of old school games that you can play on your smartphone!

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  • The best apps for a mac

    Have you just bought a Mac? Or are you looking for the best apps for your precious laptop? Today we will give you an overview of some of the the best apps for Mac!

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  • The best running apps

    When we really put our minds to something we are offer surprised at the positive results that can be achieved. If you only put in 10% effort, you cannot expect 100% results. This rule is true for everything in life. If you put in no effort towards your health, work, education, relationships, or other endeavours – you will not succeed. Today we will introduce to you some of the best tips for getting the best results out of your workouts, and the best running apps to do so.

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  • Top 5 best new apps

    Sometimes there is nothing you can do to escape boredom. You've either completed all your games or can't get past that most recent level of Two Dots. You haven't received any new WhatsApp messages and you're tired of playing with the same photo editing apps. We know the struggle. Thankfully, we have the solution. Check out our top 5 best new apps for you to try and to try and quench your boredom.

    1. Chaatz

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  • Top 5 messaging apps for smartphones

    Which messaging apps should you pick up?

    Just how important are messaging apps? We use them from the second we wake up to the moment we lay ourselves down to sleep. They are arguably the most important part of daily life to fulfill our needs to communicated with others. The problem is that the market is just so overfilled with these apps, many of which are just clones of each other. So which messaging apps are the best out there? Here’s a list of our favourite messaging apps!


    messaging apps whatsappWhatsApp

    At this point, almost everybody has heard of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app that is available on operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone and has been owned by Facebook as of February 2014. It is arguably the most popular messaging app on this list, with approximately 1 billion users as of February 2016. However, that’s no surprise because it is also one of the older apps on this list, having been released in January 2010. The app catapulted to success by constantly updating their app and adding new features that made messaging as convenient as possible, such as voice chat, video messaging, simply photo sharing and overall smooth software performance. Early last year, WhatsApp introduced an early variant of desktop messaging through the use of a Google Chrome extension.

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  • The digital ID app, Mia, is here!

    Your smartphone as an ID document

    – a plausible or dangerous solution?


    Have you ever ran into a surprise road check and realised that you didn’t have your ID, such as your license and registration, with you? It’s a pretty bad feeling, right? Those types of uncomfortable situations could be easily solved in the future.

    At the end of the last year, the Austrian National Printing Office in Vienna introduced its latest creation – the “My Identity App” – as a more convenient way of carrying around your ID.

    id app

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  • 4 underrated and hilarious must-have apps

    Comical Must-Have Apps!

    On a daily basis, you’re using practical and social apps on your phone such as the weather app, an email app, Facebook or Instagram. However, there are so many other apps that you have no idea about that will most likely make your day!

    That’s why today, we want to entertain you a little and introduce you to 4 strange but hilarious apps that you must have on your phone!


    1. WakeVoice

    WakeVoice takes a very basic and necessary part of our day and makes it unique, to say the least. Instead of just setting your clock, letting it ring and hitting the snooze button multiple times (we all do it, don’t deny it), WakeVoice forces you to interact with your alarm clock vocally. Once your alarm clock goes off, you can speak a certain command that you’ve pre-set in order to turn off the alarm or to activate the snooze function.

    In addition, you can lie comfortably, or perhaps not so comfortably when you realize you have to wake up, in bed while the app tells you about the weather forecast, local or global news or even a personalised message! You can also choose between a male or female voice to wake you up! WakeVoice has plenty of customisation options to make sure that waking up is only half as bad as it is every morning!

    apps wakevoice

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  • Top 6 unknown but useful Android apps

    We all use apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, but there is also an unlimited amount of unknown apps that would make your life much easier! So today, we’ll be telling you about the Top 6 Android Apps that you don’t know about yet!

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