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Autumn case ideas

Here it is, one of the best times of the year has arrived. The time of walking around half dressed in the summer holidays are officially over. Now it's time to dress a little warmer to protect you from that cold breeze creeping in each day. Besides changing your wardrobe, maybe it's time to change your phone case to make it more suited for the new season. Today we will offer some recommendations for a personalised phone case.

Autumns case examples Photo

Our favourite autumn case ideas

1. A hard case

Cover personalizzate rigide

To better protect your phone, maybe you should consider this beautiful cover, durable yet elegant at the same time. Why not put a classic from our childhood like Snoopy?

2. A soft case

personalized soft cover

Orange leaves are definitely a symbol of autumn, so why not create a soft case with a background like that?

3. A wallet case

Cover customized book

In Autumn not only do the leaves fall, but one of the most popular festivals for children (and others) happens... I'm talking about Halloween. Why not dress your dog, cat or any of your pets and take a picture? Then you can print it on one of our cases!

Cover personalizzate stampa integrale

Or maybe you'd prefer one of our full print wallet cases? Do you fear that your children miss you? Do not worry! Always keep your best moments with you. With this shell, you can case your photo in full. I'm sure your baby would look adorable dressed as a pumpkin!

4. A wooden case

And finally, one of our most popular cases. The material of this case will amaze you and if you are a fan of movies or TV shows, as you can put your favorite quote on there, for example. As I have done below!

Cover personalizzate in legno

If you have other ideas, please leave them in the comments below! At GoCustomized, we look forward to hearing your opinion!

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