FATHER'S DAY SALE: Free Gift Wrapping & Greeting Card with your phone case


Back to School phone case

It's that time to go back again... This is the time to buy new books, new pens, a new wardrobe, meet new teachers, take new classes, make new friends and get a new phone case for school. Choose a school phone case that you can show-off on the your first day back.

Useful cases

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Do you need a ruler to draw a graph or chart? Just use your phone! Are you stuck on a tough multiplication question? Grab a customised phone case with a multiplication table on it. Or maybe you're into chemistry? Why not get the periodic table?

Personalised School Phone Cases Image from Zazzle.nl

Camo cases

Personalised school phone cases Image from Kinghousse.fr

To discreetly put your phone on your desk, use one of these cases. Turn your phone into a calculator, a small notebook and more!


Customised School Phone Cases Image from Rankandstyle.com

Historical figure cases

Custom School Phone Cases Image from Zazzle.nl

To become your history teacher's favourite student and get the best grades, use a case with a historical figure! Whether you decide upon Napoleon, Louis XIV or Marie Antoinette, you can choose to stand out on your first day of school.

Old school cases

Personalised School Phone Case Image from Finearetamerica.com

This case is perfect for remembering primary school blackboards and chalk. You can also find cases that look like white boards on which you can write with an erasable marker!

Teachers cases

Custom School Phone Cases Image from Keepitschool.com

Because it's not just your first day back, the teachers can also get their school phone case from the get-go. These cases can be enjoyed by everyone!

Custom cases


Feel free to create a personalised phone case with your favourite photo or design to show all your friends in September! On our website you can also get wallet cases to not only protect your phone, but also your student cards.

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