How to backup your iPhone before installing iOS 11

The new Apple iOS 11 software is out. Before you start updating, it is important to save all of your phone's data with a backup. In this blog we tell you different ways to do that.


Each user gets 5GB free to use iCloud. iCloud is a handy and simple way to backup your iPhone.Turn on your Wi-Fi and let's start! Go to your phone's settings and select iCloud. Set all relevant options that you find important to save on your iCloud.

Now all of this information is safe if the iOS 11 update goes wrong. Then go to Storage & Backup.Press the "Backup" button. You may need to fill in your password. Eventually a popup will appear with how long the backup will take or you will not have enough memory to complete the backup. If the latter happens, go to "Manage storage", select your phone and under the backup option, you can deselect your items (For example, photos, because you already saved them on your computer).

If you want iCloud to automatically make backups, go to settings on your iPhone and click iCloud.Go to Backup Copy and turn on the iCloud Backup Switch. Every day, a backup of the selected items would be made. This will only happen if you are connected to Wi-Fi and the charger.

In your iCloud backup, you'll find app data, camera camera pictures, purchased iTunes items, all contacts and messages, network, email accounts, safari data, all preferences.

To backup iTunes

Another option to save your data is through iTunes. All data will then be stored on your computer.If you have never linked your phone with iTunes, you must first make your phone connection to your computer using the USB cable. Once this happens, select your phone and go to the backup option and click 'Make backup'. If you have never made a backup via iTunes, this may take some time.

For iTunes, you can also automatically backup. This is quite easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. Here you will find the option "Create automatic backups." Select "This Computer" and make a full backup of your iPhone.

What option do you find the most useful to use for a backup? Let us know by responding to this blog. And if you need new custom cases for your phone, check out Gocustomized for all your custom phone case needs for iPhone!

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