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Benefits of a tough case for your phone if you love sports

There are more than 7000 languages ​​worldwide. But we all understand one another: sport. We're all excited about championships and Olympics, watching the results of our favorite teams and arguing about the best way to physical fitness. With mobile live ticker on the phone, workout apps and numerous pedometers, heart rate monitors and calorie trackers, the phone has become an indispensable companion in the sport. If the sport is so dangerous, the right protection for our mobile phones is just as indispensable. In fact, there are even clear advantages of a mobile phone protective case for sports! You want to know which ones? Then stay tuned!

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1 - Involuntary falls and drops

You have just selected your music and want to place your phone in one of the jacket or trouser pockets as usual. But ... wait a minute. No bags ?! Sportswear without pockets. Sad but true. If your phone does not have a home in your sports dress, you'll probably have to hold it in your hand (which is great for jogging). If you have to juggle your towel, water bottle and training plan, the phone can quickly slip out of your hand and fall. You have bags? Congratulations! Just wait until you're caught on a device with the headphone cord and your phone lays an involuntary bungee jump. The right equipment to protect your smartphone against the worst in both cases? A cell phone protective cover.

2 - Space for your cards

No matter if you need a football season ticket or a gym ticket, the narrow tickets are difficult to accommodate if you do not always want to keep your wallet with you. For example, the space between a transparent silicone case and your phone is perfect for storing your card. Thanks to the transparency, you do not even have to take the card out of your cell phone case, you can easily show it in the cell phone case! People who like it even more practical, the wallet cover is recommended. With three card slots, this phone case provides enough space for your most important cards and even banknotes.

3 - In the clutch with the hooligans

What is the most important rule for big games? Get away quickly, as the mood between your favorite team and the hooligan fanbase of the enemy team heats up in the clutch. You got into a fight with the angry mob? Remember that you can defend yourself, but your phone is vulnerable to hooligan strikes. Avoid "spider apps" and dents in the case by equipping your phone with a sturdy phone case. So you are consentrated for the fight against the archenemies of your favorite team.

4 - Stranger Danger

It's that time again. The NBA is back and you've bought one of the sinfully expensive courtside Seats. But the proximity to the court can also be fatal: If the massive basketball players fall after a ball, not infrequently innocent spectators form the safety net. If your mobile phone is knocked out of the hand, only the repair service will help - or you may already be putting a cell phone case in the front. With a cell phone sleeve, your cellphone will definitely survive any basketball game!

5 - Pure motivation

Motivational sayings, wisdom and mantras. They are everywhere and are driving us to become even sportier. And what's the name of it, you should always keep it in mind to really make a difference. Now you might wonder where those sayings are best? You guessed it: Of course on a cell phone protective cover! After all, our mobile phone is everywhere and always in the field of vision. Online, there are countless cell phone cases with quotes to buy, but we all know: Personal things make the most joy. In GoCustomized you can your make your own Phone Case, Which motive you choose for your mobile phone case and if you add text is entirely up to you! Just pick a sleeve for your phone model and you're ready to go.

Did something happen to your phone during sports? Report us in the comments!

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