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Best Apps for Students!

College can be really stressful. There is nothing wrong with using all available tools to help you do the best you can during your time at university. We are going to talk about what apps you can download that will enhance your college experience to the max! So read on if you want to learn from the experts!

1). Urban Dictionary App

Words these days are evolving faster than old fashioned dictionaries can keep up! Impress your professors by using the most up-to-date and modern words in your research papers. Urban dictionary is basically a crowd sourced dictionary, so it uses the internet to find definitions of words before the old hacks at Miriam Webster have not had the time to fire up the ole' typewriter and make a new paper dictionary, those schmucks! Stay up to date with the newest words, and do research in this super helpful app!

2). WiseDrinking App

Lets face it, you are going to occasionally have some pesky 8am classes. These can really get in the way of drinking every night, so you have to be prepared.  WiseDrinking can help you track how much you have had to drink during a night, so if you use this before your 8am's you can stop yourself just in time to know you will be ready to go bright and early the next day. This is important because before this app students would have to count by drawing sharpie lines on their arm for every drink they had, this can be an awkward conversation with professors the next day. WARNING: This app is not designed to be used for keeping track of high-scores.

3). Tinder

College is full of long, hard, deep, research papers that you will have to write. It is now common knowledge that the best research papers are produced at the last minute after hours and even days at procrastinating. Tinder will help you achieve this. You can spend hours swiping on Tinder instead of compiling sources and organizing your thoughts, Genius! Tinder is the best for this because you will probably never get a match and become depressed and then you will be even less motivated to write your paper, so very well thought out by the developers.

4). GoCustomized

Last, but not least is technically not an app. It is a website and is perfect for becoming the coolest student on campus. GoCustomized lets you customize your phone case and accessories with whatever image you want, so you can show off that you are a proud member of the chess club of knitting team, way cool! There is nothing more important than being cool, so if you take one thing away from this blog its that you need to get yourself a custom phone case.

Any other super helpful apps you can think of? Drop us a comment!

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