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What was the best April fool's joke?

A good or bad April Fool's joke?

For pranksters all around the world, April Fool's is one of the best days of the year. During the day, they can let their imagination run wild and unleash their craziest pranks. However it’s not only regular civilians that celebrate this comical day, but also large companies. Which companies had the best April 1st joke? And which ones had the worst?

T-Mobile's Binge On Up Device

This year, T-Mobile undoubtedly had one of the more creative jokes of 2016. They created an advertisement that promoted a new “Binge On” device, which is a slight reference to the new virtual reality devices that have been coming out recently. All you have to do is attach a smartphone to a device that is placed on your head like a hat and you can watch videos and TV on the blazing fast T-Mobile network at any time, right in front of your eyes. This commercial without a doubt shows how creative and ridiculous T-Mobile can be!

Google's Mic Drop Prank

Every joke seems like a good idea, until it begins affecting people’s personal lives. That was the case with Google’s 2016 April Fool’s joke. They implemented their joke directly in Google’s popular email platform, Gmail. The company placed a second “Send Email” button next to the regular one, which ended up sending an email with a GIF of a minion dropping a microphone. Once this “Mic Drop Minion” prank went live, many workers found themselves accidentally clicking this button and sending this email to their bosses, which resulted in them losing their jobs.

april fool's mic drop

Invisible cases?

And of course, we had an April 1st joke. Our customizers at GoCustomized had the chance to design an invisible case on April 1st. It was very convenience because an invisible phone would help prevent theft. It was quite obvious that this was an April Fool’s joke from the start, but we hope that we did not disappoint! While we won’t be offering an invisible cover any time soon, due to technological restrictions, we do offer a variety of other personalised phone cases that you can find here!

april fool's gocustomized

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