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The best bloggers from different countries

At GoCustomized we often get the chance to work with some of the best bloggers around. Besides cooperating with us, these bloggers share their experiences, write about various topics, and often take beautiful pictures. We have put together a list of great bloggers for you to check out. Don’t worry if you don’t speak the language, the pictures are also delightful to look at!




Bloggers - Italy Image from Fabulouspartydesign.com

Fabrizia is an Italian with a passion for blogging. She is 30 years old and has two children who she loves to write about. She also blogs about being pregnant, DIY, recipes and travelling.




Bloggers - FR Image from Chouettebrindille.com

Imane is a 30 year old French blogger from Marseille. She blogs about different things like DIY, travel, beauty & fashion and lifestyle. If you don't have enough time to read all your French magazines and catch up on all your favourite shows, then practice your French by reading this blog!




Bloggers - NL Image from Tres-adorable.com

Tres-Adorable.com is the blog of the 27-year-old Jorien. She lives with her husband, Mister G, and two cats in the Netherlands. Her blog is about fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, and photography. She has also converted to Islam which she occasionally writes about. Her blog is described as "anything that the woman of today like", and is definitely worth taking a look.


United Kingdom


Bloggers - UK Image from Elisabethrilatt.com

In 2014, Elizabeth, who lives in Cardiff with her fiancé and dog, founded her own blog. Not only does she like to write about beauty and shopping, but also about food and lifestyle! Go and enjoy what she has to offer.




Bloggers - DE Image from Wiebkembg.de

In 2011, this blog was founded by Wiebke. Apart from studying Biology, she also has another passion: fashion. She loves to share her cutest outfits and accessories. Don't understand German? Don't worry, her blog is written in both German and English.




Bloggers - ES Image from You-arethe-one.com

For all you Spanish readers out there, take a moment to enjoy this wonderful blog from Amparo. As she likes to say, she was born with a sombrero and a laugh, and is a very positive person. Check it out to keep updated with the latest trends in fashion and beauty, as well as her daily life.


Were you inspired by some of these fantastic photos from some of the best bloggers we have worked with? Use some of that inspiration to create your own personal phone cases!

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