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Best festival phone cases

Festival season has begun! Whether it’s techno, house, rock or hip-hop, there’s a suitable event for everyone. One of the most important things during such an event is the appropriate outfit, so you can take a look at stars and their outfits at Coachella recently. Even more difficult is matching your smartphone to your outfit for a festival. Online, you can choose from a large amount of case types, but sometimes it’s just hard to decide on a pre-made style. That’s why you can make your own phone case at GoCustomized! Here, you’ll find the best options for your designs.


Phone case designs for the best festival style

Musician design

festival case 3

What’s better than putting a picture of your favourite musician on your case? Show your loyalty    and show just how big of a fan you are! Do you have a photo of you and your idol together? Then you lucked out! That’s just another reason to immortalize this moment on your smartphone.


Summer design

festival case 4

A summer design is the perfect fit for a festival. Whether it’s a beach photo during your last holiday or a group photo with your best friends at the park, summer vibes are always great to have with you at festivals.


Your other festivals

festival case 2

I heard you like festivals. So I made a phone case with a picture of a festival to use while you go to another festival. Whether it’s bright colours on the Holi-Festival, spectacular laser shows during Awakenings or the classic group photo of your crew, you’ll never run out of original material to put on your phone case.


Colourful designs

festival case 1

You don’t always have to use a photo, when you draft up your personalised phone case. For a summer festival style, you have the chance to use colourful, abstract designs for your phone case. You’ll find plenty of ideas and motivation on the internet. If you’re artistically gifted, then go ahead and draw up your own design. In our editor, we offer a ton of summer designs, that you can use, in case you can’t think of anything.

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