The best GPS apps for your smartphone

The everyday use of smartphones has become natural as this device object replaces all our other gadgets and combines many features in just one device. While we strongly advise against using your smartphone while driving, we recommend that you use if for navigation if you program it before your departure! With many different smartphone GPS apps, navigating  has become easier than ever before. On foot, by car, by public transport or even by bike, these applications quickly tell you the best route to reach your destination. But which ones are the best GPS apps available? Keep reading to find out!

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We all know about Apple Maps or Google Maps, which are sometimes even automatically downloaded onto new smartphones. These GPS apps require a connection to the internet to find the best routes for you. But are there any alternatives that do not necessarily require an internet connection?

First of all, here are the features we think are the most important for a great GPS app:

  • Quick calculation of routes including travel time and distance
  • Real-time information on traffic conditions
  • Warning of disturbances
  • Voice guidance

Here is our selection of the best GPS apps for your smartphone:



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Waze is a must-have smartphone GPS app that allows you to calculate route easily. The application shows maps that can be edited by the community to reflect real-time traffic conditions. Of course, you can calculate your route and the needed travel time to reach your destination. Another great feature of Waze is also the adaptation of the recommended routes to the traffic which allows users to avoid traffic jams or accidents by automatically calculating an alternative route.

What makes Waze special and one of the best GPS apps is its community feature and collaborative aspect! All the users of the app have an influence on its development and contribute to its improvement. All maps are editable by users so that you can even be notified of police check points, speed cameras and the cheapest gas stations on your route.

Finally, Waze is free and works without a connection to the Internet so simply download the app and use the maps anywhere. Another advantage? You can share your travel itinerary with other users or via mail!



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Here We Go is another free app that can be used offline by downloading the maps you need for your trip.

This application also offers many interesting features that make it one of the best GPS apps. It allows you to calculate routes on foot, by car, or by public transport in order to have all the available information for all possible alternatives. The app also allows you to share your location on social networks or via SMS to show your loved ones where you are. Here We Go not only provides information on the current traffic conditions but also shares the weather forecast!

The app even offers a 3D view for better visibility of the route and a better understanding of the area which you are driving through.



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Sygic is another handy GPS application for smartphones. Even though you can download it for free, you will have to pay after 7 days to use all of its features without restrictions. However, once purchased, the application works very well offline and you can download the maps of your choice. In addition, your downloaded maps will be updated automatically, free of charge.

This GPS app for smartphones gives you the best route to your destination and also provides important information on traffic conditions and speed checks. The voice guidance feature allows you to stay focus on the road. You can even expand the view to your surroundings so that you can find nearby shops, restaurants or any service you might need.

Sygic's big strength is the quality of the 3D display. Maps are shown in 3D, including all buildings, which increases driving safety. With this feature, you don't need to take your eyes off the road for too long because you will easily understand which lane you are in and where you need to go. It is also possible to zoom in to see even more details of the map.

Overall, Sygic is one of the best GPS apps for your smartphone because it offers a lot of different features. It's not free but safety at the wheel has no price!


After downloading one of the best GPS apps, you will never get lost again thanks to your smartphone. Therefore, you always need to remember to protect your phone so you can use it as long as possible because even though GPS apps might be free or inexpensive, repairing your phone is not! Create your own custom phone case yourself now! If you are not sure about the right type of case yet, read our guide on the best travel phone case for your needs.

We just told you about the 3 best GPS apps for your cell phone in our opinion. Feel free to test them to know which one suits your needs best and tell us about your favorite one in the comments. And if you know other good applications to add to our list of the best GPS apps, please share them with us!


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