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The best phones of 2016

2017 has just begun! So we want to take the opportunity to look back and analyse the best phones of 2016. Take a look at our ranking of the top five phones of the year!


5. Apple - iPhone 7

Although not everyone is a fan of the iPhone 7, it's really a good phone that has made noise this year!


The new iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack. But the camera has been improved, and the A10 processor is impressive, which works at an incredible speed. There are also some changes with the Home button. The iPhone continues to evolve and keeps getting better!


4. Google Pixel


All our compliments to Google for creating this great phone. The camera takes perfect pictures and has a beautiful design. In addition, it's water resistant and has greater memory capacity. Too bad that the prices of the Google phones are the same as those of Apple. In any case, Google Pixel gets points in this ranking thanks to the new features of Android 7.1 with which it operates!


3. HTC 10


As for this phone, I would like to start by talking about the design. The phone is made of aluminium and has a digital fingerprint sensor, which offers great comfort when taking hold of the phone. It weighs 161 grams and has a thickness of 9mm, which is more than a lot of phones, but it's not necessarily negative. It is very pleasant to the touch and is easy and convenient to use.

2. Apple - iPhone 7 Plus


The fact that the iPhone 7 Plus includes two cameras is certainly a big advantage for this phone.The iPhone 7 Plus steals the spotlight to the iPhone 7 thanks to the camera. This is certainly the best Apple product currently on the market. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the best phones of 2016 is ...


1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


The finishing touches of this phone with the curved screen make it a wonderful phone. Just look at it to understand! The battery holds more than that of the S7 and it has a larger screen of 5.5 inches. If you want to watch Netflix or play a game, this screen will make your experience it even better! In addition, without pressing the screen, the phone displays the time, date and battery. If you want a stylish and aesthetic phone, you should opt for the S7 Edge.

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