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The best protective phone cases: a crash test

Who said that crash tests can only be performed on cars? Today, we decided to test the resistance of our custom phone cases for all our customers and readers. We test them in the most common situations that can cause damage in our daily life: being dropped on the floor and in water. If you're looking for the best protective phone cases, keep reading the article and find out more!

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

Custom phone cases

To start, we have selected four of our best protective phone cases to test their resistance to damage. Among the participants in our crash test you can find:

  • A custom wallet case
  • A custom plastic hard case
  • A custom silicone case
  • And finally, a custom tough case, which consists of two different layers: a soft silicone interior and a plastic hard case on the outside.

The designs of the custom phone cases were created by some of our customers and we also thank the artist Tiziana La Piana for the design of the custom tough case, which is one of his beautiful artworks.

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

The crash test

Our crash test was split into three different parts to test the resistance of our cases in three different situations that can occur in our daily life:

  • Scratches
  • Falls
  • Exposing the ink to water

To perform these tests, the contribution of our model, as well as GoCustomized Assistant Social Media Manager, Ela was essential. Are you curious to find out how the custom phone cases of GoCustomized performed in these tests and if they are really the best protective phone cases?



We considered different possibilities of how to test the scratch-resistance of our custom cases for a truly realistic result. Finally, we decided that Ela would carry all of the four cases around with her in her bag for an entire week.

In this photo, you can see Ela with her big bag at the beginning of the test:

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

And here is what the phone cases looked like after one week:

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

Not even a little scratch! This great result is due to our printing technique: we use state-of-the-art printers equipped with anti-scratch UV ink to print your design on your new phone case. Regardless of the material your case is made of, signs of everyday wear and tear are truly minimal.

Test passed! 



For the falls, it was quite easy to come with a way to test the durability: Ela climbed on a ladder and dropped our custom cases. Even though you probably won't drop your phone and case from that far up, we thought it was better to perform the test under a bit more extreme circumstances. Have fun watching the video!

Below is a picture of the phone cases after the fall. As you can see, none of them are broken or damaged in any way! This is because all our products, regardless of the material, are made of high-quality materials. In this way, we got the best protective phone cases that will save your phone from any damage any time that could irreparably break your phone.

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

Again, test passed! ✅


Resistance to water exposure

We have to admit it, this was the funniest test for us! We put the custom cases in a vase full of water and let them soak for the entire afternoon. In the end, we took them out of the water and checked the ink.

Here are the cases spending a relaxing afternoon of mid-June in their pool:

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

When the sun went down, we took cases out of the vase and we observed the result. But just take a look yourself:

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

What do you think? Test passed?


Make your own phone case!

We are very satisfied with the results of our crash test!

If you want to own one of the best protective phone cases but at the same time, you also want it to have a unique and inimitable look, GoCustomized has the perfect solution for you! Creating a custom phone case is quick and easy with our user-friendly customizer. Just follow three small steps:

  1. Select the exact model of your cell phone and the type of case you prefer.
  2. Upload your favorite picture or design.
  3. Select a payment and shipping method and let us take care of the rest!

best protective phone cases, custom phone case

Tell us about your experience with our custom phone cases in the comments!

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