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When we really put our minds to something we are offer surprised at the positive results that can be achieved. If you only put in 10% effort, you cannot expect 100% results. This rule is true for everything in life. If you put in no effort towards your health, work, education, relationships, or other endeavours – you will not succeed. Today we will introduce to you some of the best tips for getting the best results out of your workouts, and the best running apps to do so.

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1. iSmoothRun

This is the best application for HIIT workouts. HIIT is high intensity interval training with the purpose of giving your body a total workout. The idea is to give it your all during a short but intense workout, followed by periods of rest and recovery. iSmoothRun allows you to set race intervals to push you to improve your time and abilities. It also tells you about weather conditions that can affect your workout such as temperature and humidity.

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2. Strava

If your thing is to run as a tean, Strava is for you. Compatible with more than 50 different GPS devices (Times, Garmin, etc.) it allows you to save your routes and compare with the rhythm and speed of your friends. It also tells you the local guides to different racing circuits in various cities. You will never train alone again! (Free on iOS and Android).

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3. Runkeeper

It’s hard not to be motivated when you have a good playlist to run to! RunKeeper has the incredible ability to sync your racing rhythm to the appropriate playlist. The application's "DJ" analyses the music that is on your phone, detects the style and tempo of each of your songs and adds them to a playlist tailored to your speed. If you tend to be obsessed with your speed, you can put RunKeeper in stopwatch mode to see the elapsed time. But do not worry, you can also see the distance. (Free on iOS and Android)

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4. Nutrition and recovery

Exercise, nutrition and sleep are like a difficult dance. Getting the perfect balance between the three is essential to have perfect movement. Apparently, the perfect ratio between the three is 60% for food, 20% for sleep and 20% for exercise. In my opinion, everyone is different and you have to find the balance that works best for you.

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Your diet must include sufficiently healthy and varied proteins. Make sure to eat enough protein such as eggs, fish, chicken, and drink plenty of water. As for sleep, it is important to sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night as muscles regenerate during sleep. Less sleep increases the feeling of fatigue, you have a low level of energy and will start your training badly.


5. A case for sports

At GoCustomized, we want to add to your life and help keep you healthy. We suggest creating a custom case with a phrase that motivates you or photo that pushes you to train more. And remember, the most important thing is to have the right attitude, and adapt your behavior towards a healthy lifestyle. Physical health comes primarily from mental health. Do not forget it!



Do you enjoy fitness? Leave us a comment with the best tips and habits to take to improve his workouts!

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