Best Series to Watch on Netflix

Starting a new show on Netflix is a major life commitment, right up there with having your fourth child, third marriage, or second facial tattoo. This choice will impact you for time to come, so if you want help making the best decision for yourself then read on. We are going to talk about the best series to watch on Netflix.

1). Narcos is back is for Season 3

This show is addicting as the narcotic the show is based on. One episode and your hooked for more. Now that season 3 is out, you have all new episodes to watch and if you have never seen the show before you have 3 entire episodes to watch. This will keep you busy for awhile. You can even learn something since the show is based on real events, while it may be dramatized, it can never hurt to review your recent history of drug cartels in Colombia. Beware, this show can get intense, so if you are trying to get your cuddle game going, maybe consider a different show.

2). Black Mirror will make you rethink your life choices

Once again, not a great show to cuddle to, I promise our third suggestion will be Cuddle city in the State of Cuddleton. As for Black Mirror, sit back and have your mind blown. This Netflix original takes on an original story for each episode and pushes the limit of ethics, storytelling, and the end result is very deep and introspective episodes. The first time you see the first episode you have trouble believing what you just witnessed, it comes at you right away. So be prepared, be ready, don't plan on cuddling, and sit back and think.

3). The Office (US)

I promised a good show to cuddle to, so I brought the best. This is one of the most heart-warming, feel-good, and hilarious shows out there. The whole thing is on Netflix. That's right, 9 whole seasons of cuddling and laughing goodness. If you have not seen this show before, stop getting that facial tattoo, cancel your plans for the next few weeks, grab your second wife (your first will work if she is still cool and you can't find your second wife), and tell your three children and fourth will be on the way soon. The Office needs to be watched.

When you figure out which one of these is your favorite, go ahead and make a custom phone case with your favorite character on it. Show your friends which drug lord is your favorite on Narcos, show your classmates which episode of Black Mirror made you think the deepest, and show your fourth child which episode of The Office they were conceived on. Custom swagger is always cool so check out Gocustomized for all your custom accessory needs!

Any shows we missed? let us know in the comments!


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