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Best summer phone case pattern

Would you like to design a personalised phone case, but you’re having trouble finding the perfect picture from your private collection? One choice would be to take a picture of yourself and make your own phone case with it. However, another alternative would be to choose a cool pattern. So what types of patterns could you potentially use? Here’s a list of some of the most popular types of patterns currently out there!


pattern floralFloral pattern.  

Summer is upon us and the sun is beginning to shine early in the morning and sets late in the evening. You and your friends all enjoy the outdoors, with nature’s beauty all around you, so there’s no better time than now to give your phone case a summery look. There’s no better way to represent summer than to design a personalised phone case with flowers. So look around for bright floral patterns! Credit to: https://nl.pinterest.com/zazzle/


pattern fruitFresh and fruity!

Keep your phone sweet and fresh by placing a fruity pattern on your personalised phone case. You will stand out of the crowd and will be able to feel some fresh summer vibes. Perhaps it will also help motivate you to eat more fruit and live a healthier lifestyle.

Credit to: planetafoto.es


pattern simpleSleek and simple.

Do you enjoy the simple things in life? Well, why not opt for a straight forward yet creative pattern. Combined with the sleek design of your smartphone, this pattern will make your personalised phone case stand out of the crowd and get everyone’s attention. They may even want to have a closer look at your case. Simpler, in this case, is definitely better!

Credit to: https://nl.pinterest.com/zilverblauwnl/




pattern art
Art patterns.

Art is a unique representation of the mind. Instead of aiming for a simple design, you could also go all out for a colourful and deep design. Whenever you glace at the design, you will definitely notice something new that you’ve never seen before. In addition, these art types will make your phone case look bright and shine, so it’ll be a real eye catcher!

Credit to: mocoloco.com






These are simply designs that we think fit well with some summer vibes. Do you know any more that we did not cover? Let us know in the comments and maybe we can create a new list!

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