Best travel phone case for your destination

Traveling is a great experience and creates some of the best memories. Today, we are lucky to have the opportunity to go to the other side of the world easily. For most, their smartphone is among the most important travel accessories they take with them. It replaces your camera, your GPS and allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones at home. Therefore, you need to make sure to keep it well protected without compromising on the look. In this article, we will tell you what the best travel phone case for your next destination is. Read on to find out more!

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First of all, you will need to choose the type of travel phone case you want. At GoCustomized, we offer several different cases that you can customize to match your travel destination. Below you can find the ones that are most suitable for traveling.

Best protection for a road trip - the tough case

If your travels are real adventures or you're just a bit clumsier than other, the tough case is perfect for you. While traveling many different things can happen that will damage your smartphone. That's why this travel phone case consists of an extra silicone reinforcement inside and a second hard case on top and makes it ideal for traveling.

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Organization is your main priority - go for a wallet case

Do you want to have all of your important documents, cards, phone and even cash stored in one place? Our wallet case is the best option for you! You will have everything at your immediate disposal, combined with great protection and a customized accessory.

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For long trips and overloaded luggage - get a slim case

Packing can be a real headache and you always have to watch that your most important items remain easily accessible. If you tend to overpack for vacation, our slim case will make sure that at least your phone doesn't take up any more space in your bag than needed.

I want a slim case.

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Now that you know which case type is right for you, you can choose a design to match your travel destination and create your perfect custom travel phone case.

Discovering Asia

If you are going to travel to Asia, you will need to adapt to a totally different culture and pay attention to details. We suggest customizing your new travel phone case to match the landscapes you will encounter. It will also get you more excited about your trip every time you look at it.

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Exploring the United States

You will discover a multi-faceted country, many different landscapes and famous cities. Below you will find a phone case design that will make you feel a bit more American already.

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Visiting Amsterdam

Did you know that we are based in Amsterdam? Discover this fabulous city and admire its famous canals by cycling around like a local. You can also recreate this picture with your own travel phone case with an Amsterdam design.

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A trip around the world

You are planning a trip to not only one country but many around the entire world? Then your options to design a custom phone case are pretty much unlimited! Here is how we suggest customizing a case for a trip around the world.

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No matter where you planning on going, make sure you take the perfect travel phone case with you! Please share your designs in the comments, we are very curious!

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