• Best marble accessories for summer

    We can finally say that summer has begun! After a rainy start, the sun is finally shining and the temperature is running. You can begin wearing those clothes that have been hidden away in your closet for months! We recommend following the latest trends and at this moment, one of them is marble! Keep reading and find some of the best marble goods out there!

    The Finest Marble Items

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  • Top football fails and smartphone fails

    Unfortunately, the UEFA Euro 2016 is over. Portugal was crowned the European champion and we think this is a good opportunity to look back at the past season. What were the best moments? And what were the best fails? Keep reading and find out!


    Football Fails

    We’re already halfway through 2016. Fortunately, there have been enough football bloopers and fails for us to enjoy. Check out this video to see the top 100 football fails of 2016, so far!

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  • The top 3 product designs out there

    On a day-to-day basis, we use objects such as chairs, lamps and cups, without having to think about it. By doing so, we often forget that each object is carefully designed by companies to ensure that they are creative, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly practical! In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best designs on day-to-day objects!


    What are the best designs out there?


    1. Surface Tension Lamp
    designs lamp


    This one of a kind lamp has, without a double, one of the most creative designs. The lightbulb not only looks like a bubble, but acts like one too. It grows over time and can create other bubbles. What’s the best part? That the light from inside these bubbles are reflected to create a large variety of different colours. During its 50,000-hour lifetime, the lamp can go through more than 3 million different phases.

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  • The best nerd accessories on the market

    Are you a proud nerd? Or perhaps you’re looking for a hilarious gift for one of your buddies? In this article, we’ll be writing about the best nerd accessories out there!


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