BitTorrent now: Legal music & videos

BitTorrent is entering the legal music and video market to compete with Spotify and Netflix with BitTorrent Now. But unlike Popcorn Time, BitTorrent Now will not contain any pirated content. It's completely legal and mostly free to use! Check out more info down below!

BitTorrent Now


Until now, BitTorrent has been known as a torrent client that allows millions of people to download movies, series and music. The company's name is often associated with the world of online piracy, similar to The Pirate Bay and KickAssTorrents. Over 170 million users use the service on a consistent basis!

What is BitTorrent Now?

BitTorrent Now is an audio and video streaming application that will not offer any illegal streaming options like Popcorn Time or Stremio. You can think of the service as a combination of Spotify and Netflix. In hindsight, the entire idea of BitTorrent is intriguing, because Spotify and Netflix are quickly growing services that are used worldwide. So creating a service that combines the best of both worlds has a lot of potential behind it.

BitTorrent Now allows artists to upload their work to BitTorrent’s platform, where it can then be discovered by a broader community. The creators of the app have said that the contents will be free with occassional advertisements popping up, however, there will be paid subscriptions to avoid these ads. However, be careful though, because BitTorrent has made payment dependent on creators, so some of them will have the option to create paid content.


Unlike most other torrenting services, BitTorrent Now will not use a peer-to-peer architecture, but instead a more traditional client/server architecture. It's possible that the new service will be migrated to peer-to-peer, but for now, the company has taken the safer route.

BitTorrent Now Dumbfoundead

In the app, users can follow their favourite artists, create playlists, see what's trending in the community and receive recommendations. You can explore content within the app by using tags, similar to SoundCloud, or search by genre.


Currently, BitTorrent Now is available on the web and on Android, but versions of iOS and Apple TV are already on their way.


In addition of its new service and its *illegal* torrent client , BitTorrent also offers many other services. The company is also experimenting a new service. Bleep is a fun & safe messaging app for private conversations and Project Maelstrom allows you to listen to music or watch videos before the entire download is completed.


Also, BitTorrent is launching US peer-to-peer news channel this month: BitTorrent News.


In May, the American company launched BitTorrent Live, which allows to broadcast television (legally) on the internet. And recently, we heard that it will offer BitTorrent News, a television channel. The company explained that because of its distributed architecture, BitTorrent Live, which publish the new news channel, has the advantage to be able to quickly adapt to a very wide audience.


We are not sure yet if BitTorrent News will be launched in Europe but for sure we will enjoy using BitTorrent Now to legally stream series and movies.

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