Black Friday meets Cyber Monday

On November 24, Black Friday returns to the UK. Do you remember what it is about? Exactly! That day when stores lower their prices and offer exclusive discounts. Only this time, it's here to stay. Till when? Well specifically until next Monday, November 27, date that will host the Cyber Monday. Without a doubt, it is the perfect time to anticipate Christmas shopping and not leave them for the last minute (as always). This time, yes, with a little more time to choose the ideal gift.

1) What is Cyber ​​Monday?
Surely you have already heard about Black Friday before, but what is Cyber ​​Monday? It is the Monday following the Thanksgiving Day and that takes place after Black Friday. Although today we are all aware of the importance of online commerce, in its day, Cyber ​​Monday emerged as a tool to persuade people to buy online.

2) News and Gifts
This year, ahead of Christmas, we will offer a special gift on the occasion of Black Friday - Cyber ​​Monday; Discounts for a period of 4 days! Specifically from November 24 to 27, both dates inclusive;

- 2 items: 15% discount (Code: BF15)
- 3 items: 20% discount (Code: BF20)

These discounts are the best way to avoid expensive and stressful Christmas dates. What are you waiting for? Run and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

3) Mobile devices, the protagonists
As you all know, today mobile phones are part of every aspect of our life; Work, family, leisure ... and that's why they will also be the protagonists in both Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Are you thinking about changing your mobile or giving a new one to someone you love? Well what better way than doing it by adding a new custom case! In this way you can transform a mobile like so many others, into a unique gift.

Do not worry if you do not have time for the Black Friday offers. You will always have the option to go on Cyber Monday! and good, for the most delayed, there will always be Christmas.

What do you have in mind to buy these dates? Let us know in the comments below!

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