Black Friday

  • Black Friday meets Cyber Monday

    On November 24, Black Friday returns to the UK. Do you remember what it is about? Exactly! That day when stores lower their prices and offer exclusive discounts. Only this time, it's here to stay. Till when? Well specifically until next Monday, November 27, date that will host the Cyber Monday. Without a doubt, it is the perfect time to anticipate Christmas shopping and not leave them for the last minute (as always). This time, yes, with a little more time to choose the ideal gift.

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  • Get ready for Black Friday

    It’s that time of the year again where retail stores drop their prices, offer some great money saving deals, and some people decide to go a bit overboard (see video below). I’m always on the lookout for good deals and this year is no different. Today I will look at what we can expect this year and will give you some great links to check out on Friday 25th November, aka Black Friday.

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