• The best collaborations with bloggers in 2016

    At GoCustomized, what we like most is seeing what comes out of the imagination of our customers. In 2016, we achieved many collaborations with bloggers, and today we will look at some of our best collaboration with bloggers in 2016...

    Bloggers Image from Sabrina Musco

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  • How to become a good blogger

    With the explosion of the Internet, and especially with smartphones and notebooks, paper and pencils have been set aside to make way for online blogs. Blogs have become the ideal way to communicate, with people able to express themselves and spread ideas by sending them to a large number of people. In blogs, we can talk about everything we want, even though most blogs deal with fashion and cooking. But how do you become a good blogger? Read on to discover some of the secrets, and maybe start your own blog after this article ...


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