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  • Autumn case ideas

    Here it is, one of the best times of the year has arrived. The time of walking around half dressed in the summer holidays are officially over. Now it's time to dress a little warmer to protect you from that cold breeze creeping in each day. Besides changing your wardrobe, maybe it's time to change your phone case to make it more suited for the new season. Today we will offer some recommendations for a personalised phone case.

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  • Jet black iPhone 7 case ideas

    By now I'm sure that you've come across the painful videos online showing crazy people using all kinds of objects to scratch the brand new jet black iPhone 7. Whether they used a key or a knife, it just goes to show that the jet black model of the latest iPhone isn't very durable and scratches very easily. Apple has even acknowledged this and advises its user to buy a case to protect their new phone from scratches or abrasions. Read on to find out our jet black iPhone 7 case ideas.


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