• Best festival phone cases

    Festival season has begun! Whether it’s techno, house, rock or hip-hop, there’s a suitable event for everyone. One of the most important things during such an event is the appropriate outfit, so you can take a look at stars and their outfits at Coachella recently. Even more difficult is matching your smartphone to your outfit for a festival. Online, you can choose from a large amount of case types, but sometimes it’s just hard to decide on a pre-made style. That’s why you can make your own phone case at GoCustomized! Here, you’ll find the best options for your designs.


    Phone case designs for the best festival style

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  • GoCustomized reached 100,000 customers!

    gocustomized header

    Ever since the company launched in May 2012, our goal at GoCustomized has been to offer customers the opportunity to create unique and personalised phone cases using their own images and ideas. Fast forward 4 years, and the company has online shops in many major European countries. In addition, in early May 2016, we crossed the 100,000 customer mark!

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  • The cork case: a unique type of protection

    When your friends are lying on the ground because they drank one too many glasses of wine, you know it’s time to close the bottle. It’s normal to use cork to seal a bottle of wine in order to help preserve the flavour, so you can enjoy it another time. Something you probably didn’t know about cork is that it acts well as a phone case! So why not try and make your own personalised phone case out of cork at GoCustomized. A cork case acts as a great cushion against scratches and cracks due to its flexible yet absorbent material and if you add a custom design onto that, it turns into a beauty!

    cork case logo

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  • Our cases and their materials


    The trend today is to make smartphones visually appealing, however that may take away from its durability over time. Therefore, when it comes to increasing your device’s longevity, it’s probably best to grab a phone case. There are many types of case models out in the market and here at GoCustomized, we give you the opportunity to find the one that best suits you. We have a wide range of options, from basic but protective hard cases to sophisticated wooden covers. It never hurts to know what materials we use in our cases, so why not explain them in detail?


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