• The new Apple iPhone 7

    It's finally happened! Whether you're an Apple head or an Android enthusiast who think they're a waste of money, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is finally here. No one can deny the tremendous amount of hype that always follows the launch of new Apple products, and this year was no different. Today we will look at the new features of the iPhone 7 series. Have you already pre-ordered it? Don't forget to get your own personalised iPhone 7 case!

    NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from

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  • A phone case that does so much more

    After the article which explains why you should get a phone case, we know that you are completely convinced that it’s the best thing to do. But why limit your phone case to only being a phone case? Look at all the others things that your phone case can do for you.

    phone cases that make your like easier

    Of course the first purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone. And what else can it does anyway? Much more than you can imagine!


    Find your perfect phone case

    Let's see 10 examples of phone cases that do more than protect your phone:

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  • Best tropical cases for you!

    The tropics are a wonderful place where colours shine extra bright and where the most incredible and extraordinary animals wander wildly. Its landscapes would leave you breathless in the blink of an eye. Whether or not you’ve visited these exotic lands, you can have a general idea of just how inspiring it can be! For this reason, we’ve compiled a series of tropical designs that you could use to make your own phone case, so you can take the tropics with you wherever you go!

    tropical cases

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  • Top 10 summer phone case designs

    If you still haven’t designed your personalised phone case for this summer, it’s not too late! We’ve put together a list of the best designs for summertime. Digging the designs? Download them and place them on your personalised phone case!

    modèles de coque d'été

    Check out these summer designs!

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  • Best festival phone cases

    Festival season has begun! Whether it’s techno, house, rock or hip-hop, there’s a suitable event for everyone. One of the most important things during such an event is the appropriate outfit, so you can take a look at stars and their outfits at Coachella recently. Even more difficult is matching your smartphone to your outfit for a festival. Online, you can choose from a large amount of case types, but sometimes it’s just hard to decide on a pre-made style. That’s why you can make your own phone case at GoCustomized! Here, you’ll find the best options for your designs.


    Phone case designs for the best festival style

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  • 15 practical and hilarious phone cases

    At GoCustomized, we’ve seen plenty of creative and hilarious phone cases! There are definitely a fair amount of crazy cases all over the world and in this article, we’ll be listing them! Here, you’ll find the 15 coolest, ugliest and most practical phone cases in our opinion. You can be inspired by some of them, if you want to make your own phone case.


    5 Practical Phone Cases

    phone cases beer

    A phone case and a bottle opener in one – so your smartphone is protected, just in case the beer was shaken prior to being open…


    phone cases solar

    This is a perfect case for environmentally cautious users! Charge your smartphone using solar light! You’ll never have to use a cable again. Unless it’s night time. Or winter. Or you live in the North Pole.

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  • Our cases and their materials


    The trend today is to make smartphones visually appealing, however that may take away from its durability over time. Therefore, when it comes to increasing your device’s longevity, it’s probably best to grab a phone case. There are many types of case models out in the market and here at GoCustomized, we give you the opportunity to find the one that best suits you. We have a wide range of options, from basic but protective hard cases to sophisticated wooden covers. It never hurts to know what materials we use in our cases, so why not explain them in detail?


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