How to change your background for Samsung and iPhone

Autumn brings cold winds and rainy days. The thoughts wander off into the holidays, to sunny temperatures, palm trees and sand between your toes. Just leave the office, pack the suitcase and head off to the airport .... The shrill ringing of the phone in the office makes us return to reality. Being on vacation now would be just too good to be true! But a small consolation remains: Beautiful background images for the smartphone can help us dream, motivate with motifs, revive memories - or simply bring variety into everyday life! Find out in our article today how you can easily set background images on Android phones and iPhones.

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Android phones

For version 7.0 and higher:

To change background images on Android phones, first open the settings in the menu. In the next step, tap "Background and Themes" and "SEE ALL". Now it's up to you to choose whether to decorate your screen with a pre-defined background image, one of the background images from the Samsung themes, or one of your own photos. Once you have selected the desired image, you can specify whether it should be displayed on the start screen, the screen, the start and the screen. Finally, movement effects can be activated. Finally, to save your background image, tap "SET AS BACKGROUND".

From version 5.1.1 up to and including Android 6.0:

Again, we start in the "Settings" menu and select the "Background image" category. At the top left, you can select between the start screen, the lock screen, the start screen and the lock screen. Then you can choose your favorite motif and set it "AS BACKGROUND". If a photo from the gallery is used, a frame can be used to select the desired image segment.

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The various steps for setting background images on the iPhone are similar to the Android phones. Open the settings on your device, tap "Background image" and "Select new background". Here you can choose between "Dynamic", "Single", "Live" or a photo of your own. If you want to spare your battery, moving background wallpaper should not be your first choice. In order to maximize your desired motive, the image can be changed. When "Perspective" is selected, the background moves, while "Still picture" does not move with it. Finally, you can set your new wallpaper for home screen, screen, or both options.

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