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Christmas gift ideas

Fortunately, this time of the year, or unfortunately for some, always comes, and the classic question, "what can I give for Christmas?" becomes almost an obsession. Today we show you a list of the best gadgets or gifts to buy as Christmas gift ideas. I have tried to divide the list by price, but I warn you some gifts are very expensive.

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Image from Unadonna.it

PRICE: £10 - £30

Funko Pop

Do you know someone who loves the Game of Thrones series? Then look what's on offer from the fantastic Funko brand. The beautiful Melisandre has been reproduced in the POP line of gifts!

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Image from Emp-online.it

GoCustomized Personalised Phone Case

Do you want to surprise someone with an original gift whilst also spending very little money?Then a personalised phone case from GoCustomized is just what you are looking for. With prices starting from £12.99, you can give something unique to those you love.


Scratch  World Map

For the travel enthusiasts out there, this is a must! A world map where you can scratch the places visited.

List of Christmas Gifts Image from Amazon.co.uk

PRICE: £50 - £400

Nintendo Mini Classic

We had already blogged about this amazing product in the last few weeks. Finally the NES came back which will delight those who love the nostalgia of classic videogames. The only problem is finding it, because it is almost sold out everywhere.


Christmas Gift Ideas Image from Nintendo.co.uk

Apple Watch Series 1

We are beginning to rise in price in the list. For those who have everything from Apple, this could be an amazing accessory. It's certainly not cheap, but definitely beautiful. Prices, like all Apple products, vary depending on the model...

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Image from Apple.co.uk

Playstation 4 Pro

Here we have on of the most powerful consoles on the market. By choosing this gift, I ma sure someone will definitely be happy for Christmas, or at least I'd be happy.

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Image from Sony.co.uk

PRICE: £1000+

Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID

Finally releasing it's latest model, Apply has shown us it can still make quality products with its newest MacBook Pro. For the new model with the TouchBar, the prices start from £1,749.00, so it's definitely not the cheapest gift you can get someone!

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Image from Apple.co.uk

Let us know in the comments, what you're planning on buy for Christmas.

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