Collaboration with Glamour Magazine

The month of September has been loaded with surprises for GoCustomized, and one of them has come from the hand of Glamour UK, a magazine with which we have had the opportunity to collaborate. As we have told you,  we usually do regular collaborations with blogs, influencers, brands and sponsorship . But this time we were able to launch a series of promotions thanks to the joint work between GoCustomized and Glamour and today we are going to tell ... and teach.

Fashion and beauty are the main contents of the magazine Glamour, which in addition to being the most popular women's magazine in Britain, contains very fresh and interesting readings. That's why we found the idea of ​​making a first collaboration with Glamour in its printed edition very attractive.

September Promotion

The Glamour Gift Guide  was the most successful section in which to show our designs and brand. In this section, in which the British magazine dedicates between one and two pages, are different gift ideas, from clothes, to mugs. anything that has decorative details ... and of course custom phone cases!

A composition of personalized cases for iPhone in black and white was the final image chosen for publication. The slim and silicone cases are some of the most popular on our website and that is why we decided to show them with pictures and fun phrases on a background of imitation marble. The idea of ​​the collaboration is not only to mention our brand and product but to give the opportunity to the readers of Glamour to benefit from a 20% discount with us.

This type of promotion has opened the doors for us to continue collaborating with Glamour, as much in its printed version as in its online version. We are very pleased and grateful for this opportunity, and hopefully it will continue to develop.

October Promotion

The case design for the October promotion is a custom wooden case cover for iPhone,  and a transparent silicone case, also for iPhone. Stickers and emoji along with geometric shapes are some of our favorite designs.

November Promotion

Loaded with color and flowers we present the November promotion thanks to this nice design created by blogger Zoe Olivia. Go ahead and enjoy a discount from GoCustomized found in the online version of Glamor UK.

And you, what do you think of this kind of collaboration? Do you want to join forces with us? Tell us your proposals and we will create ideas and spectacular results.

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