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How to fix common hardware problems

How to troubleshoot hardware problems on your smartphone

Smartphones are delicate devices that need to be protected at all times. However, once in a while, you may find that some parts of the phone are not functional. We have compiled a list of fairly common hardware problems and a solution to go along with each.


The infamous broken screen

If you’re a clumsy person, it’s likely that you’ve experienced this problem before. Do you have butter fingers? Does everything you touch somehow end up on the floor? If you answered yes, then you definitely know the pain of seeing your beautiful screen cracked.

Unfortunately, our only solution to this common problem is to send your phone in for repairs. There’s no home remedy to undo a shattered screen. Your phone’s manufacturer will change the display for a small (or maybe large) fee. Another alternative would be to send it to a third party company, which will probably cost you less. The issue with opting in with a third party to repair your screen is that they may not be as reliable as a phone manufacturer. Repair quality may be questionable. In order to prevent high costs, try opting in for the insurance plan that your mobile carrier offers you, so you won’t have to incur any expensive repair costs!

We all have accidents, so even if you’re extra careful with your phone, there is still a high chance of dropping your phone. If you’re looking to not only protect your screen, but also the sides and back of your phone, consider purchasing a personalised phone case!

cracked screen problems


Unresponsive buttons

When the buttons on your phone stop working, there are a few things you can do. Android and iPhone have certain apps and software that will allow you to use an on-screen button to replace the home button and volume rockers. An alternative would be to return your phone to the manufacturer or repair it yourself. You can find the necessary tools to repair broken buttons on eBay!


Water damage

If your phone has been soaked with water, keep in mind that the first thing you should always do is remove the battery. This is crucial, because any contact between water and a battery could cause a short circuit.

Perhaps your smartphone fell into the sea or any sort of salt water. In this case, you should definitely remove the battery and wash it with fresh water. The high salt concentration could permanently damage your device. So wash it carefully!

To complete the repairing process, you should try to dry the phone without shaking it too much and use a hair dryer on low heat. The classic way to absorb water out of a phone is to put the phone in a bag of rice for 48 hours and everything should be just fine!

phone in water problems


Defective touch screen

Should your touch screen not work, start by removing your screen protector. Clean the screen with a soft and slightly damp cloth. Finally, restart the device. If you can’t restart the device, try a force reset or in the worst case, a factory reset.


Have you ever had any of these hardware problems? Let us know about it in the comment section below and tell us how you repaired it!


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