Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is approaching! This festival is an old tradition that allows children and adults to disguise themselves and go in search of sweets by terrorizing their neighborhood. Trick or treat, does that tell you something? To celebrate Halloween in the best way you need costumes. Read on to get costume ideas to scare your neighbors!

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Face painting

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A costume with makeup that will require a lot of preparation time and patience but the result will be well worth the effort! In addition to giving you an unmatched style, this kind of costume and makeup will allow you to shine during Halloween. If you want this costume and you want to go all out, add a custom phone case to the costume by customizing an iPhone case to match the makeup!

Dress your pets

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Your pets also need the right to costume so they can share this event with you and help you in your quest for sweets! If you find them terribly cute in their costume you can also immortalize the moment by creating a custom phone case with a photo of them!

Alien Zombie Costume (TWD)

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For the above idea it will be necessary to invest, this kind of costume is expensive but its effect is immediate, you can use different references of different films or series' such as Alien for example, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, all this depends on your tastes!

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And what do you think you wear for a Halloween costume? Tell us about it!

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