How to create your custom phone case

Are you getting tired of your current phone case and are looking for the perfect new one? A custom phone case not only offers great protection but with your very own design, it also matches your style and personality perfectly. And the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to make your own phone case at GoCustomized. If you want to find out how it works, keep on reading!

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At GoCustomized, we want to give you the opportunity to make your own phone case in a fast and simple way. We want to enable you to create a personal and unique phone design.
In the following, we will explain all steps of the process in detail.

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First, you need to choose your phone model and your preferred case type.
We offer different types of cases: hard cases, soft cases, leather cases, wallet cases, tough cases, and wooden cases.

All of them ensure that your everyday companion will be protected from scratches and cracks.
In this way, you will not only receive a custom phone case with your picture on it but also a phone case which protects your phone from everyday incidents.


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Before you make your own phone case, you can choose the color of your new case. The chosen color will be visible on the parts not covered by the print.

Choosing the right color gives you the opportunity to make your custom phone case look even more personal and unique.


Now the most important step to make your own phone case: uploading a picture. You can upload your own photo, design, logo, or drawing directly from your computer but also from Instagram and Facebook. Besides choosing your own photo, you can also choose one of our pre-made designs.
Please keep in mind: The higher the quality of the photo, the better the result!
We, therefore, recommend you How to create your custom phone case step 2to make sure the photo you upload is as large as possible (up to 10MB) and is a PNG, JPEG or GIF format.
In our user-friendly customizer, you can enlarge or reduce, rotate and shift your image. In this way, you can make sure that your case will look exactly as you imagined.


After uploading your image, you can also pick a layout.
This gives you the How to create your custom phone case step 3opportunity to place several pictures in a specific way and therefore more opportunities to make your own phone case.


When you make your own phone case you can quickly and easily add a text using different fonts and How to create your custom phone case step 4colors.
For example, you can add an important quote or date. This makes your custom phone case even more unique.
To change your text, click on the text block in your design and edit it until you’re completely satisfied.



After you are finished designing your custom phone case you are ready to place your order.
Before placing your order make sure everything is placed correctly and you are satisfied with your custom phone case.
Now that you are done designing your custom phone case, you can officially order it! We will produce your customized phone case as soon as possible and make sure to deliver it as quickly as possible. If you have any questions during your order or during delivery, please send us an email via

Generic cases are for boring people, not you! Apply what you learned and make your own custom phone case now at GoCustomized!

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    Fantastic content! I agree that people want to express their own unique style with the items they use the most. Why not create your own phone case and stand out from other generic cases that are overflowing the market?

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