• Best phone deals of the month

    For most of us, our smartphone has become an essential part of our everyday life: it has replaced our alarm clocks, CD players and navigation systems and changed they way we communicate. Unfortunately, not only the popularity of the devices has increased rapidly but also their prices. Not everyone can afford the latest phones or wants to spend all of their savings on one but luckily, we found some great deals for this month. Read on to find out more!

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  • Xiaomi Redmi - Full screen smartphone at a small price

    Smartphones, have become our everyday companions. None of us leave the house without them. For many people, keeping up with the smartphone trend is very important, but that has its price. The average smartphone now costs over £400, so for most people, smartphones are made to last.                                                                                                                                                  In December, Xiaomi announced the Redmi 5, promising that it would be a modern full screen mobile phone for a small price. Read to find out if the Xiaomi Redmi 5 might be the right phone for you!

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  • Black Friday meets Cyber Monday

    On November 24, Black Friday returns to the UK. Do you remember what it is about? Exactly! That day when stores lower their prices and offer exclusive discounts. Only this time, it's here to stay. Till when? Well specifically until next Monday, November 27, date that will host the Cyber Monday. Without a doubt, it is the perfect time to anticipate Christmas shopping and not leave them for the last minute (as always). This time, yes, with a little more time to choose the ideal gift.

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